Which group do Esse cigarettes belong to? Many people are beginning to wonder about the answers to these questions. On the market, Esse cigarettes appeared long ago and immediately gained great popularity. These thin sticks with a mild flavor especially pleased the beautiful half of the country’s population.

Esse cigarettes were formerly called Esse Gold, this series has been later renamed Brown. It contains 20 long, thin Esse cigarettes. It is the heaviest thin tobacco in the Esse series and tastes similar to Marlboro Red. The Brown series is preferred if you want a long thin tobacco and a very voluminous smoke at the same time. It should be noted that this is a very heavy tobacco. Esse’s is a medium-heavy thin tobacco. There are 20 thin, long, thin Esse cigarettes inside. Black Series – medium heavy tobacco, designed for those who prefer thin cigarettes.

Initially, subjects and accessories for cigarettes were focused on men. It is according to them that manufacturers around the world are constantly developing new types of cigarettes, pipes and cigars. One of the South Korean companies decided to rectify the situation and launch Esse cigarettes. Their appearance was accompanied by numerous advertisements in the media. Slogans like “Luxury ambience”, “It’s all in your power” and “Esse”. Create your own image” were on everyone’s lips. The product quickly sold out and literally in two years its sales almost doubled. Representatives of the fair Esse cigarettes attracted primarily by their unusual packaging, women as well.

What are Esse cigarettes?

Esse cigarettes are even different in appearance. They take better care of the noticeably longer and more graceful female hand. And the drawings and inscriptions on the filter give a special effect. The confirmation that these cigarettes are designed specifically for women are the main controlled indicators, which are the least predictable. Their nicotine content ranges from 2.5 to 6.5 milligrams, and nicotine from 0.25 to 0.65 milligrams. Such a cigarette is certainly a high, hard man. It may require a whole bag. But a girl will have enough puffs to feel the pleasant lightness and experience the subtle flavor.