. Well, I have the answer. Marlboro Reds Marlboro Marlboro Lights Marlboro Medium Medium 100 of 100 Marlboro Lights Marlboro Lights Marlboro Ultra Lights Marlboro Ultra Lights Marlboro Ultra Lights Marlboro Blend No. 27, Marlboro Virginia Blend Marlboro Virginia Blend Blend Marlboro Marlboro Marlboro Reds Reds 72 of 100 72 100 72 100 Marlboro Special Blend Special Menthol Marlboro Menthol Marlboro 72 Marlboro Menthol Mild Mild Mild Marlboro Menthol Marlboro Menthol Marlboro Lights Menthol Marlboro Lights Menthol Marlboro Ultra Lights Menthol Marlboro Lights Menthol Ultra Mix # 54 Marlboro Menthol Gold Blend Marlboro Menthol Marlboro Menthol 100 100 72 100 100 No. 54 Marlboro Smooth Menthol Marlboro Menthol Smooth 100 100

&#034 Come to where the flavor we are. Let’s Marlboro Country.&#034 Marlboro cigarette commercial with the slogan &#034 Marlboro Country&#034 . Point issued in August 1970. . . .

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