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How/where to get cigarettes if you're underage?

Electronic cigarette
I am gonna answer your question truthfully, as someone who started smoking when he was 16 and is 28 years old today.

Well, first I’ll give you the answer you’re looking for just promise me that if you read this part, you’ll read the rest OK?

The way you do it is to “shoulder tap.” In other words, hang out outside the store, and ask people going in if they’ll buy a pack of cigarettes for you. Maybe offer them that they can keep the change, whatever. Most people will say no, but sooner or later someone will say yes.

Another way is to find a store that’ll sell to you. Your fellow underage smokers can give you hints about this. Usually it’ll be a store that thinks you’re 18 but respects/trusts you enough to not card you, as opposed to not caring. So you’ll be essentially breaking that trust, but what do you care… you need your cigarettes right?

Anyway, I really recommend you stop smoking now. Let me tell you the the things I really wish I had known before I started smoking at 16 years old

1) Smoking is fun, and feels good. Yeah, you probably have already figured this one out. When I was 14 I was on a total anti smoking trip, but as soon as I realize it was fun and felt good that all went out the window somehow. I guess I figured that if they were lying about it not being fun, maybe they’re lying about the rest too? be honest I still enjoy smoking quite a bit. I enjoy smoking while I drink and enjoy smoking with friends. Is it worth it? Not even close. Despite all that, I wish more than anything that I could quit. Because the drawbacks (yellow teeth, shortness of breath, being less attractive to the opposite sex, the fact that I’ll die sooner etc.) are much worse than the benefits (enjoyable though they may be.)

2) If you’re anything like I was, you probably think you’re going to quit smoking when you turn 18, because it won’t be cool anymore after that. The thing is, you won’t. Because by the time you’re 18, it’ll be really hard to quit. (And take it from me, by the time you’re 28, it’ll be that much harder…

3) Maybe you think you won’t get addicted. That’s what I thought too. When I was 16, from time to time I would say, OK, I’m not gonna smoke for a day, or three days, or whatever. And so I tried it. And it was easy. So I thought, aaah, maybe I’m not one of those people that gets addicted? I should just go with the flow and enjoy myself. Fast forward six months ahead and… yeah. I was addicted already. And going a day without cigarettes was a distant memory.

Best of luck to you and keep your eyes forward.