rothmans-blue-affWhat are the types of Rothmans cigarettes? Rothmans cigarettes have been present in the tobacco products market for more than 120 years. They are a truly British brand.

Manufacturers are strictly related to the quality of products and offer the customer a product in compliance with all the standards, which are made out of the highest sort of tobacco and are characterized by a special taste in order to meet the requirements of real connoisseurs.

1.     Rothmans can be called a leader in its price segment.

2.     Cost is the average among the products of the tobacco production, ie, the ratio of price and quality can be called perfect.

3.     Manufacturers have taken care of the unique and proper design of their products.

4.     Their taste meets all the traditions of the British tobacco smoking.

5.     Discretion, elegance, uniqueness – such qualities can be applied uniquely to the main characteristics of the British brand.

Even British lords appreciated the quality of Rothmans. That is why; this product was created especially for the strong half of mankind.

Manufacturers are focused on a special class of tobacco lovers, so they do not make a lot of different types as the other brands.

Stability, consistency and adherence to tradition are one of the undoubted positive characteristics of the company. The number of fans of the brand over the years only grows and increases worldwide.

Rothmans International cigarettes are the basic and original form of cigarettes of this brand. In 1905, Edward VII the King of Great Britain honored them with the highest royal award – which speaks of the highest quality of these cigarettes.

This type contains 10 mg of tar, 1 mg of nicotine and 10 mg of carbon monoxide. The length of the tobacco products is 85 mm; the filter is of brown color. The blue color is dominant in the design of the cigarette package, which harmonizes perfectly with golden and red colors.

The packaging is made of hard cardboard of high quality. The product won an excellent reputation and recognition of women in different parts of the globe during many years of existence.

Rothmans King Size Blue cigarettes are the cigarettes with a pleasant and mild flavor. The packaging of this kind is differentiated by a distinctive design, corresponds to the English style.

The contrast of blue and white colors underlines the luxury of these models and attracts the attention of buyers. The length of these products is 85 mm, a charcoal filter is brown. The tar in the following form of cigarettes is reaches 12 mg, nicotine – 1 mg, carbon monoxide – 10 mg.