By Janet Davis on March 26, 2014

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The word is out for stricter rules for e cigarette usage as approved by the European Parliament recently.

This means banning of e cigarette advertisements in the European Union nations just like with the ban implemented on tobacco products. The rules require all e cigarette to have warnings to be boldly printed on each packaging as well as restrictions on the nicotine content.

It has been noted that regulations on e cigarette usage are still in the gray area as many claim that it is an alternative to cigarette smoking. The popularity of e cigarettes have attracted many tobacco smokers to switch to these gadgets believing that it is healthier and would eventually lead to their quitting smoking.

With this new development on stricter regulations, United States Food and Drug Administration has now a clearer view of how to implement these rules. This is to be issued on states that have not yet banned using of e cigarettes in public places.

Getting the nods of member states from the tobacco legislation, it started with the cigarette packs having limitations on its production. Cigarettes have evolved to chocolate or lipstick like packaging to attract children. This is why a strict rule should be applied to stop these marketing strategies.

There was also a proposal that e cigarettes be exempted from such regulations as these are considered healthy alternatives and may be close to being medicines. Some have claimed that their smoking has been cured by switching to the vapor emitting e cigarettes.

British Labor Party member Linda McAvan stressed that they even proposed for a more comprehensive rules with the use of tobacco products. She even stated that she is seeing more court proceedings to be submitted by the new companies fighting for a milder regulation on e cigarette usage.

The stricter rules will also affect the budding e cigarette business as their sales has skyrocketed since its introduction a couple of years back. Those who have tried the early version have considered it a means to veer away from tobacco products. Its liquid nicotine has somehow made them control their smoking and the vapor has done wonders to them.

With the stricter policy approved, the European Union were divided on the issue of the e cigarettes. They question that these devices can make a smoker even more addictive to nicotine by way of the liquid in e cigarettes instead of totally stopping their smoking. What s also bugging them is how it will affect the users health with regular vaping and with no solid data obtained there is much to do on research studies. That is why they also urge every Health Departments to make a thorough study based on these facts.

Being aware of this recent strict policy, the e cigarette community may do drastic moves to counter such regulations. They may stock up on liquid cartridges and may just use their e cigarettes indoors to evade public attention.

Whether e cigarette users are in the United States, in Europe or anywhere in the world, one thing is for sure they will not let the government keep them away from this healthy alternative. It s still their choice.

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