Basic Information Model Number laotang89 Place of Origin CN Brand Name marlboro Company Information Date Joined 2010 10 14 22 32 49 Online Postings Products (29), Selling Leads (29) Country/Territory China Business Type Manufacturer Trading Company Distributor/Wholesaler Number of Employees 11 50 People Payment & Shipping Terms Price Terms USD 15 17 Terms of Payment 4,5,6 Port newfeeling89# Minimum Order 6 cartons Supply Ability Pack/Packs Week Packaging orginal package 1 carton 10 packs 200 cigs Delivery Lead Time can be got in 4 7 days

Marlboro on the forbes world’s most valuable brands list

Fire standard compliant cigarettes in texas

The Marlboro man has been bounced from the airwaves, comprehensive smoking bans have passed hundreds of cities, and smoking rates have been cut almost in half. But now a new threat is emerging the use of e cigarettes. Vaping is making smoking acceptable even cool as the tobacco industry returns to its old ways, putting e cigarette commercials back on the airwaves and working to hook the young. … more>>

Rob Waters,Contributor

  • Top 10 Online Marketing Experts To Follow In 2014

    When it comes to online marketing, it can be hard to know who to trust. Here are 10 experts you should be listening to. … more>>

    Joshua Steimle,Contributor

  • Peter Thiel’s Advice To Entrepreneurs Tell Me Something That’s True But Nobody Agrees With

    Peter Thiel, a venture capitalist best known for his early and very profitable investment in Facebook, tends to stay away from giving general advice to entrepreneurs. “Generic advice is quite bad,” he said at a conference today in Silicon Valley. “Bromides are probably wrong.” Instead, the general partner of Founders Fund … … more>>

    Robert Hof,Contributor

  • Connecticut Court Shanghais Out Of State LLCs With Charging Orders

    Shanghai Real Estate Ltd., obtained a judgment in Connecticut against Mark and Linda Greenberg. To enforce the judgment, Shanghai sought to collect against the personal assets of the Greenbergs, including their investment assets, which seem to mostly consist in their ownership of numerous limited liability company (LLC) interests. This is as … … more>>

    Jay Adkisson,Contributor

  • NY Developers Team with Vanke to Sell Homes to Wealthy Chinese

    US developers RFR Holding LLC and Hines have teamed with China Vanke, the largest developer in the world’s second biggest economy to develop and market a new high end residential building in New York. The three companies broke ground for a 61 story apartment building on a site at 610 Lexington in Manhattan … … more>>

    Michael Cole,Contributor

  • New Push To Empower Young Black And Hispanic Men

    What s promising about the new $200 million My Brother s Keeper initiative to empower black and Hispanic young men is that it s modeled after successful programs with proven results. The program announced by the White House today will incorporate best practices from the likes of New York City s Young Men Initiative created … … more>>

    Carrie Sheffield,Contributor

  • How To Focus On Business Ideas That Create History

    Real innovation in the business world is still rare. As I ve said before, everyone talks about innovation, but the majority of new business plans I see still reflect linear thinking one more social network with more features, another smartphone app for marketing, or one more platform for faster e commerce. … … more>>

    Martin Zwilling,Contributor

  • Latest Food Scare What Is The ‘Yoga Mat’ Chemical And Why Is It In Your Food?

    The “yoga mat” chemical azodicarbonamide is in close to 500 foods, according to a new report warning of health risks. … more>>

    Melanie Haiken,Contributor

  • Allow Customers To See Your Authentic Side

    Adam Smith, the father of modern economics and author of The Wealth of Nations (1776), identified writing as one of the three most important inventions of mankind the other two being money and economic tables. More than two centuries later, the Internet has powered the written word to levels unimagined … … more>>

    Jim Blasingame,Contributor

  • Giving Up Candy

    What a flap in the gaming world over candy and efforts by Limited, makers of the Candy Crush Saga video game, to register Candy for themselves. As one of the most downloaded apps across all platforms and with the highest gross revenue, King’s desire to protect the name of … … more>>

    Jess Collen,Contributor

  • When Management Goes Wrong

    It is not every day that commuters get a letter of apology from a train conductor. And what seemed like a great customer relations move actually brought a reprimand from management. Now let’s back up. The train is Metro North, primarily focusing on one of the busiest corridors on the east coast, New … … more>>

    Ken Makovsky,Contributor

  • Man On Fire Aubrey McClendon Raises Billions To Finance His Redemption

    Here’s hoping McClendon can stay out of jail, pay off his debts, and even make it back onto the Forbes 400 list one of these days. … more>>

    Christopher Helman,Forbes Staff

  • Why Mylan Is Getting A Great Deal Of Attention From Wall Street

    Disclosure I own MYL and TEVA stocks Generic pharmaceuticals maker Mylan Inc. is getting a great deal of attention from Wall Street today. For a good reason Strong Q4 results that beat analyst estimates. Adjusted diluted EPS of $0.78 for the three months ended December 31, 2013 compared to $0.65 for the same prior year period, an increase of 20% Total revenues of $1.81 billion for the three … more>>

    Panos Mourdoukoutas,Contributor

  • Indiegogo To Boost Crowdfunding Campaigns Empowering Women With Donations

    To celebrate International Women s Day, Indiegogo the world s largest crowdfunding platform is running a week long campaign to support female empowerment. The site says it will contribute $1 for every $25 raised for campaigns that empower women on March 3rd, with no upper limit, as well as showcase health, tech, entertainment … … more>>

    Hollie Slade,Forbes Staff

  • New Rules For Delta’s Frequent Flier Program Will Make It Harder To Earn Miles

    For many travelers, mileage earnings will decrease by 60 percent or more. … more>>

    Andrew Bender,Contributor

  • The High Stakes Race By Southwest States For Tesla’s $5 Billion Gigafactory

    Any major manufacturer that opens a big factory can expect states to fall over themselves offering incentives. Just look at what happened when General Motors was choosing a site for Saturn, or when foreign carmakers like Toyota, Mercedes Benz and Hyundai went shopping for plant locations. Now, there’s a great big prize … … more>>

    Micheline Maynard,Contributor