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Honest and fair electronic cigarette reviews

Logic electronic cigarettes – home

If you are a smoker, especially if you are a passionate one who doesn t plan on quitting any time soon, you should definitely consider switching to electronic cigarettes. You will still get the nicotine your body craves but in a considerably cheaper, safer and easier way.

One of the reasons why people start using electronic cigarettes instead of traditional ones is that they are not illegal Of course, tobacco is not illegal either, but in most countries smoking in almost all public places is not prohibited. You can no longer smoke in a bar, in a restaurant or in a club. Many hotels now only have non smoking rooms. Smoking is prohibited in public institutions, in universities, colleges, office buildings and in many public outdoor spaces. Many property owners rent their apartments and houses only to non smokers so some people can t even smoke in their own home. The smoking ban makes sense because it protects the health of other people. However, with e cigs you are not hurting anyone or endangering anyone s health. This is because e cigs are basically smokeless. What comes out of them is not smoke, but a clean, odorless and quickly dissolving vapor. Because of this, using e cigarettes in public places is not prohibited and you can enjoy them whenever you want after dinner, with your coffee or a drink with friends in a bar. You can forget about freezing outside a bar frantically dragging on a cigarette while your beer is waiting for you inside. You can also forget about not being able to calm your nerves during a stressful day at work. For many people, this factor alone is the crucial one for switching to electronic cigarettes.

Another major factor and a great advantage of electronic cigarettes is their price. E cigarettes use refillable or replaceable cartridges with nicotine solution in them. One cartridge costs only a dollar or two (depending on the manufacturer and the quantity you purchase) and lasts as long as a pack of cigarettes. Buying and ordering e cigs is simple, easy and quick. You can choose a set or a kit that suits your needs the best, in terms of nicotine content, flavors and the number of cartridges.

E cigarettes are by no means healthy or safe for you. They do contain nicotine, a dangerous, harmful and addictive substance. But unlike tobacco cigarettes, electronic ones don t hurt your lungs, don t cause smoker s cough and shortness of breath. With them, you will no longer run out of breath after running a block or wake up in the morning with headache.

Another advantage of electronic cigarettes is that they are safer because they don t burn. No more burn holes in upholstery and clothes, no more singed eyebrows and eyelashes and, most importantly, no more worrying about accidentally starting a fire with an unattended cigarette.

To sum up, electronic cigarettes are cheaper, more convenient, safer and somewhat healthier than traditional cigarettes. A better smoking experience is now just a click away.