By David Cannell

I am going to analyse my best selections for the best companies of e cigarettes of 2013 & 2014 and their reviews, followed by some relevant and important bullet points, and then I’ll show review pages below for my best picks with coupon codes as well to get discounts. I’m just a guys who loves electronic cigarettes, and decided to provide this review site on my experience with them.

The Standout

The top pick from the rest. Why, because of the quality of the vape, which gives you a thick rich inhale, and this is what we want as a smoker. Plus, the flavor is really close to ‘the real thing” ie a tabacco cigarette.

You can get them here at

What qualifies me to judge? Well, here I am testing them out as a regular smoker of e cigs.

Me, enjoying an e cig

Here s some of the other top rated brands I have vaped, they are all good

  • Apollo
  • Volcano
  • NJOY
  • Blu Cigs
  • Ever Smoke
  • Joyetech
  • Smokefree
  • EonSmoke

Come back to this page to see if I have made any updates on the best 5, as I’m always on the lookout for great e cigs!

But here is my list of the top 5 after the standout

My Top 5 Picks For E Cig Brands in 2014 1. V2 Cigs My Review 2. South Beach Smoke My Review 3. Green Smoke My Review 4. Bull Smoke My Review 5. Halo My Review Which Brands Taste Similar to Top Brands of Real Cigarettes ? People are searching for e cigs which are the closest to their favorite real tobacco brand, so here are my recommendations

Each person is so different so I am recommending you try them for yourself, as this should give you the best starting point. Please note that disposables and rechargeables do have some subtle differences in taste.

Marlboro Red V2 Red Flavor

Newport South Beach Smoke Menthol

Winston and Camel Bull Smoke Tobacco Blends

Here are some quick on target bullet points

V2 Cigs

  • Great overall product, quality, flavors and vape hit on your throat if you are looking for something that is real close to a real cigarette, this may be your answer.
  • Lots of extra options like the mini tanks (EX Banks) and very slim portable charging cases that look great, good new batteries (EX batteries), great color options and you can even customise a starter kit.
  • These also have many options for great savings via the referral incentives and refill liquid option.

You can visit the Site

South Beach Smoke Brand

  • A great quality product. It has a nice flavour range and has super cool looking e cig tips.
  • They are highly rated across many consumer review sites.
  • The charging case looks pretty cool with some LED lights for all you design freaks, and it has an excellent battery life!

Visit their site at

Green Smoke (my personal favourite and what I’m vaping now)

  • This really is a great overall product, with real quality parts and nice flavors. It tastes pretty close to a real cig (I go for Absolute Tobacco), and I think you absolutely can t go wrong with this (I strongle recommend this brand to friends).
  • The cartridges last a long time, it has really thick vapor for an authentic drawing experience (you need that to get the feel as if you are smoking a real cigarette), and the battery life is good too.
  • It has ool accessories such as the USB e cig (for when you are out of fully charged batteries, and allows you to plug into your laptop for a charge and vape away when you’re working, like I do).

Their site is at

The Bull Smoke Brand

  • A nice product and with good flavors, and is comparable to V2.
  • Competitive starter kit prices.
  • And did I mention the cheap starter kit prices!

You can visit their site at


  • This has a nice battery life, and a sleek design / feel. The shorter manual battery produces a serious vape experience.
  • They have really easy to refill cartridges, and end piece can be removed by hand if you don t push it in too hard.
  • Good selection of Refill liquids
  • If you want extra battery life they have an Upgraded Triton battery, bigger than the standard battery size so longer life.

You can find their Site

Best Of E Cig Review The main factors

Above are my overall top picks, and here are the main factors that influence my review for the different aspects of the e cigarettes listed, to help you decide at a glance which to try

  • Cartridge Refills Best Price V2 Cigs ($9.95 for 5 cartridges)
  • Cheapest Starter Kit Bull Smoke wins with $29.95 for a starter kit with 2 batteries and 10 cartridges. (For comparison, as pricing is a an essential reason to switch to vaping for many people, V2 and South Beach kits both cost $59.95 for the comparable components, the Green Smoke kit comes in at $59.97 for 5 cartridges, a battery and a USB cig (like I described above), and the Halo G6 is $44.99 for 2 batteries and 5 cartridges).
  • Best Flavour V2 Cigs Red, Green Smoke (my favourite)
  • Best Battery Life The Mini Manual Halo Battery (which charges in about an hour, and then lasts much longer than other proportionately sized batteries).
  • Longest Lasting Battery For your standard sized e cigs is close, the long batteries from South Beach, Bull Smoke and V2, and the standard Green Smoke are all good for quite a few hours (it depends I find on battery to battery, after you use them for a while). The longest lasting & most powerful short battery is the manual 65mm Halo. And don’t forget the upgraded battery they have that lasts for more hours and if you aren t concerned with the size, then check out the Halo Triton.
  • Coolest Accessories South Beach Smoke Portable Charging Case with LED lights
  • Coolest Colour Ever If aesthetics are important for you, check out the Halo Iridescence Triton Battery pictured above >
  • Best Disposable V2
  • Thickest Vapor Green Smoke&#8230 I really enjoy the vape on this
  • Most Vapor Volume Standard V2 cartridges are good
  • Longest Lasting Cartridges Green Smoke again
  • Cheapest To Maintain V2 and Halo (as you can get refill liquid which helps you save even more money).
  • Most Accessories and Options V2 check out the great carrying cases, charging cases, battery color options, and the Ultimate Kit has everything you could want.
  • Biggest Throat Hit Go for highest nicotine for a good hit 1.8% or 2.4% (18mg and 24mg respectively), as all 5 listed above have nice throat hits in the higher nicotine range, V2 s 18mg flavours seem to hit the taste buds just a bit more than the others at 18mg, and even some other higher strength ones. Again, I like the Green Smoke as it really does the trick, especially with a new battery and new car

Best E Cigarette Mods & Tanks

If you re looking for upgraded electronic batteries, tanks etc, check out VaporZone. They have a real nice line of tank systems and upgraded batteries etc.

They also have a HUGE selection of e liquid flavors, and you can customize your flavor by mixing flavors etc.

Pictured here are 4 of their products, from the left is the Rebel (for taking things to a serious next level), the Pro, Pulse and Jet.

They also have standard e cigs with cartridges, so they cover everything.

Their website is

Everything about them feels high quality, between the look and feel of the product line, and their flavors are real good!

E Cigarette News

A recent piece of news is that NJoy is making an e cig that they claim is just like a real cigarette.

Also, NJoy announced, that Reynolds (who are the second largest cigarette manufacturer) is about launch their own electronic cigarette.

Here s the article in The New York Post.

It seems that now is the time to be getting into smokeless cigarettes for heaps of reasons.

For more news, check out our page for e cigs in the news

Electronic Cigarette Brands and Reviews Here at

There are quite a few good e cigarettes out there, but it doesn’t need to be complicated to get started. You can just try out a couple of the top brands, and then you can t really go far wrong. That being said, as you can see above, we do have our favorites, and explain why in our review pages (see below).

There are a number of brands that create an excellent product line, with the super competitive market that electronic cigarettes have become. Each brand does have a distinct flavor, and so it may be very worth your time to try more than one, as you may try one that is good enough, and another may seal the deal, and just hit that spot.

When you factor in the cost savings, it s pretty much a no brainer, nevermind some of the nice aspects of vaping cigarettes as opposed to tobacco burning cigarettes, with ash and the smell of cigarettes being two big factors.

For our reviews below, we looked for the top rated brands by consumers, and to see how they are against each other and created our favorites on this page.

Reviews Of The 5 Best Brands

  1. V2 Cigs
  2. South Beach Smoke
  3. Green Smoke
  4. Bull Smoke
  5. Halo

When starting out, you may want to consider a starter kit. Check out our page comparing some of the best basic starter kits here.

Where To Buy Our Top Picks

Visit any of these sites from our top 5 list to get started and buy your own electronic cigarette and start saving some serious cash

Go here for our reviews of other electronic cigarettes.

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Bbc news

At least four marlboro men have died of smoking-related diseases –

She recently told the Commons “No studies have been undertaken to show that plain packaging of tobacco would cut smoking uptake among young people or enable those who want to quit to do so.”

So, the clause on plain packaging added while the bill was in the House of Lords may fail. And, according to Ms Armstrong, the tobacco industry is not quaking with fear about a wave of plain packaging legislation.

But anti smoking activists think otherwise.

“The tobacco companies themselves are screaming,” says Ms Freeman. “They are putting their ducks in a row to combat it.”

And indeed, the agenda for the upcoming tobacco trade show Tab Info Asia 2009, seems to suggest there is concern in the industry.

One workshop is described as “John Luik challenges you, working in teams, to come up with ingenious ways of operating in an increasingly regulated, plain pack, dark market environment”.

And tobacco firms have responded in ingenious ways in the past to restrictions. When firms in the UK were no longer allowed positive messages in adverts, they turned it to their advantage. The slashed purple silk of Silk Cut and the oddly placed gold packets of Benson & Hedges are two of the best known advertising campaigns ever.

Viral marketing

Iain Ellwood, head of consulting at Interbrand, say further restrictions like plain packs could even play into the hands of the tobacco firms.

“The current trend is for word of mouth campaigning, social media and viral marketing.

“There is a potential short term blip in debranding the packs. Having these bland, basic packs might be soon as cool.”

Of course, the firms may fear maintaining separate brand identities will be hard to maintain in the long term.

“If you lose all of that they can’t navigate your offer quite as well so less likely to buy,” says Mr Ellwood.

The drive to plain packaging is part of the “denormalisation” of smoking, says Simon Clark of smoking rights pressure group Forest.

“It is a form of commercial censorship. No other product comes in plain white packaging. For some people it will make smoking slightly illicit. It will make smoking cool again.”

Here is a selection of your comments.

It just goes to show there is no limit to the steps that a small group of obsessives will take to persecute smokers. I’m fully expecting to be called soon to apply for my smokers licence, cigarette ration book and ‘smoker’ tattoo to be applied to my forehead. Listen carefully I know the risks, life is a risk, we all die one day. Get over it, and move on.

Road traffic deaths are a major cause of early death in the UK so lets make all cars painted white with pictures of car crashes on. Have adverts for them banned and all information about fuel consumption and safety censored. Fatty foods are a major cause of early death in the UK lets make burger bars sell their burgers in white boxes with gory pictures of clogged arteries on. Have adverts for them banned and demand they are hidden from shop display and censor any information about calories and fat.
Bob Smith, Reading, UK

As a smoker I can assure you that I was not so feeble minded as to be lured into smoking by pretty packaging, nicotine is the addiction and it was considered cool to smoke (all the adverts said so) when I began. If the government is so concerned about public health why not go all out and impose a total prohibition throughout the British Isles? This of course could never and would never be contemplated by the government because the revenue lost in taxes would be tremendous.
Teresa Hewitson, Ashington, Northumberland

I’m not a smoker, I quit several years ago, but frankly this war on smoke is getting a little out of hand. firstly the smoking of tobacco products is perfectly legal in this country. Therefore it is completely unjustifiable to attempt to tell someone where and when they can do it. This would impact on the civil liberties of the aforementioned smoker. Vices (of all legal natures) are a huge source of income for the UK government, and I feel they are trying to have it both ways, they want the tax revenue but they also want to be seen as progressive health aware thinkers. IT is my view that you cannot be both, either smoking is ok or it isn’t. The government has no right to dictate the things we can legally do in this country.
Mike, Worcester

I do not think this is a good idea, if all cigarettes came in identical packaging it wouldn’t make me stop smoking. I also think that taking brand loyalty out of the equation will cause a price war between the tobacco companies. I would no longer go and ask for a specific brand but for the cheapest. This would cause the price of cigarettes to plummet and young people would by them because they are so cheap. Sorry ASH i think your shooting yourself in the foot here!
Dave, Glasgow, Scotland

I am a smoker however I welcome the day where there is an outright ban on tobacco products in the UK. It is high time that the government banned tobacco in all forms because unlike alcohol there is no safe limit in terms of consumption I have myself health related issues caused by smoking.
John Baetke, Guildford

Tar black with the word “CANCER” in big black letters front and rear will do it. Can’t we have a campaign where we all squirt vile perfume over smokers. Why should they have the monopoly of stinking the place out and making us stink too?
MadMole, London

Maybe it would help if cigarettes and tobacco were sold only in chemists / pharmacies, where health professionals were on hand to offer advice and guidance for those who wanted to reduce or quit their habit? This would also help reduce the chances for underage smokers to purchase them.
Jai Gomer, Wales, UK

As a founding member of Lesmahagow & Area Community First Responders, I can argue the case against the smoking world. We are a group of volunteers who are trained (just like paramedics) to respond to 999 medical emergencies, where in so many cases smoking is the root cause of our public’s issues.

Eradicating the advertising of tobacco will reduce these calls out full stop, and help improve the health of our small village, giving us, the Community First Responders, more time to spend with our loved ones, instead of attending these “smoking related” call outs. I believe taking branding off cigarettes and cigars will help towards this target, but, as a smoker myself, I will not change my own habits.
Kevin Avis, Lesmahagow

The most iconic cigarette branding was the black and gold of the JPSs (as used on the packets and on the Lotus F1 cars), followed closely by the red and white of Marlboro (as used on the old McLaren F1 cars). Even now, 30 years later, they’re instantly recognisable, so it must be the case that cigarette branding has an impact. However, as a non smoker, I’m not sure that reducing packaging to all white will reduce smoking it’ll just mean that people buy the cheapest brand, sparking off a price war.
Bryn Roberts, Richmond, Yorkshire, UK

Perhaps all cars could be “unbranded” as well. I do not know of ANY car that does not pollute on a much larger basis than a cigarette or 20. Banning smoking found a… saving of lives. Banning vehicle pollution may save a lot more. Those who rant on the anti smoking campaign should also set the agenda by giving up their car.
Kelly, Durham UK

“One unintended consequence would be a rise in smuggling and potentially harmful counterfeit cigarettes in the market, says Catherine Armstrong, of British American Tobacco.”

As opposed to the perfectly harmless cigarettes currently on the market!
Tony Bell, Warrington, UK

Great news. I wont get jeered at for smoking the cheapest cigarettes I can found now. As long as the brand name is printed on the pack, bring it on.
Steve N, Birmingham, UK

I’m sixteen years old and I smoke. Personally, the packaging of a certain brand of ciga
rettes would not deter me from buying them. I don’t like brands such as Lambert and Butler or JSP as I don’t like the taste. I smoke Marlborough lights because I enjoy the taste. Maybe for others it is a case of looking good with a certain brand of cigarettes in their hands, but I do not think that it would have an impact as much as hoped.
Megan, York

Anyone else remember those almost plain black and almost plain white packs called Death and Death Light? They were great and for the short time they were available I reckon they must have been one of the most successful brands on the market. This is exactly what’ll happen with this half baked idea. Pete, London