Pall Mall cigarettes are owned by British American Tobacco and are among the top 10 best-selling cigarettes. The Pall Mall cigarettes brand was founded in the late 19th century and has always been positioned as premium. Thanks to it, the admirers of tobacco products discovered the “king size” and “long” formats – the manufacturer was never afraid to violate the standards, presenting to the world products 85 mm long, and later their extended version – 10 cm.

Pall Mall Red cigarettes boast fragrant smoke and beautiful packaging design, plus they all have a simple taste and high quality tobacco. The fragrant and pure Smoke of Pall Mall cigarettes is very attractive to smokers all over the world. Red Pall Mall cigarettes – have a streamlined aesthetic appearance that speaks of no-frills design, and cigarettes have a simple taste and high quality tobacco. The pack emblem is reminiscent of the old days when reputation really meant something. Pall Mall reds are honesty, decency, plus exquisite taste. This brand prides itself on its excellent quality cigarettes for the casual smoker.

Also, Pall Mall cigarettes have a popular and deliciously rich aroma. By choosing a classic and sophisticated brand, you communicate to others about timeless taste and how deeply you value tradition and human values. For a fragrant and not harsh smoke, Pall Mall Red has gained immense popularity.

Pall Mall cigarettes have always been famous for its strong taste, but not irritating to the throat. The secret is hidden in the proprietary technology of paper tube packing and careful selection of raw materials – the best leaves of Burleigh, Oriental and Verginia varieties are used. Our online store invites you to get acquainted with the legendary brand of Pall Mall cigarettes. On our website you can buy Pall Mall cigarettes wholesale and retail. We guarantee favorable prices, prompt delivery UK wide!

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