E Cig Benefits

How Electronic Cigarettes Work

E Cigarette wants to make a difference in the lives of smokers. We understand that it is a difficult habit to break and that is why we offer healthier options to smokers. The Electronic Cigarette is an incredibly effective nicotine delivery system, without the harmful side effects or carcinogens of regular cigarette smoking.

Getting Started with Electronic Cigarettes

Three steps that s all you need!

Step 1

Disposable Electronic Cigarette

If you would like to try the electronic cigarette without much money invested, you can start with the disposable electronic cigarette. These come with a battery, atomizer, and pre filled nicotine cartridge which will last about 12 20 conventional cigarettes. Disposable electronic cigarettes usually can be ordered in Tobacco or Menthol flavors (Veppo and SS Choice No7 Brands) and a nicotine level similar to the type of conventional cigarette you currently smoke (only the Veppo disposable e cigarette is available in various nicotine levels). Once you have used the nicotine cartridge, the disposable electronic cigarette must be thrown away, the battery cannot be recharged.

The advantage of starting with a disposable electronic cigarette is purely the cost. Usually, the electronic cigarette starter kits are better quality, have a better taste and experience. It’s hard to judge whether you will like the starter kit of that brand by just trying the disposable electronic cigarette.

If you have any questions, just give our knowledgable customer service department a call at 1 888 566 1836 or send us an email.

Step 2 Option 1

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Once you have decided to go with the rechargeable electronic cigarettes, you will need to purchase a e cigarette starter kit. This kit includes 2 rechargeable batteries, 1 atomizer, a wall charger, and a pack of 5 pre filled nicotine cartridges. This kit includes everything needed to get you started e smoking. The pack of 5 pre filled nicotine cartridges will last you about 4 packs of conventional cigarettes. After you have used the nicotine cartridges, you will have to purchase additional pre filled cartridges or refill your cartridges with e liquid nicotine. The cartridges come in Tobacco and menthol flavor and varying levels of nicotine strength (again, the Veppo brand has the most choice, offering 6 different levels of nicotine). Or, you can purchase the E Liquid Nicotine which is the nicotine solution that comes in a 30 mL dropper bottle or a 10ml dropper bottle. You can re fill the cartridges yourself and save a lot of money. This is the more economical way to go and is included in the next option.

Step 2 Option 2

Electronic Cigarette Bundle Kit

This kit includes everything in the starter kit plus a 30 mL bottle of E liquid and a pack of 5 blank cartridges. The E liquid Nicotine is available in various flavors and 5 levels of nicotine. One 30 mL bottle of E liquid is equal to about 30 packs of conventional cigarettes. The Electronic Cigarette Bundle Kit is the equivalent of about 34 packs of conventional cigarettes making this kit the most economical.

Step 3


After purchasing the Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit or the Electronic Cigarette Bundle Kit, you will only need to purchase the pre filled E Cigarette Cartridges that correlate with the brand of starter kit you purchased or the E liquid Nicotine (which can be used to refill any brand of e cigarette) to continue enjoying your electronic cigarette.

You may want to add some accessories to your electronic cigarette as well. The electronic cigarette carrying case is a great place to store and carry your electronic cigarette along with a couple extra cartridges. Also, the e cigarette car and USB charger make charging your electronic cigarette batteries much more convenient, either in your car or recharged via your computer.

allows you to compare various brands of the major electronic cigarettes.

Video Instructions how to use electronic cigarettes

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  • Disposable E Cigarette Video
  • Electronic Cigar Video
  • Atomizer Cleaning Instructions for Electronic Cigarette
  • 3 polarizing branding secrets from death cigarettes

    Electric cigarettes reviews – the vapestick brand
    3 Polarizing Branding Secrets from Death Cigarettes

    How can you build a stronger brand? Take a position that some people hate so your preferred customers love you.

    I heard the best lessons about “How to create your Brand?” on the podcast interview with UK entrepreneur BJ Cunningham.

    BJ Cunningham created a company called The Enlightened Tobacco Company in 1991, selling a cigarette called “Death Cigarettes”. It was presented in a black package emblazoned with a white skull and crossbones logo. Just imagine how that image might appeal to the rebels. That is the start of a strong brand.

    His premise was to take a position that none of the other cigarette companies were willing to take. That’s good advice for any business building a brand! At the time all the tobacco companies were still denying any ill effects of smoking tobacco. You know the tired story, “It has not been proven that cigarette smoking causes cancer.” Somehow the tobacco barons rehearsed well enough to deliver that lie with a straight face. But that is a different issue.

    Back to branding
    The branding up to that time in the cigarette business was all about life style cowboy, sophisticate, artist, and debutante imaginary stuff, and all lies. It had worked for decades but lies do eventually hit the wall.

    So when all your competition is telling lies, you can stand out by telling the truth. Imagine that.

    Tell people that cigarettes will kill you. Come on smokers today know that tobacco smoking is bad for you. Tell a smoker that cigarettes can kill you and they will tell you, “Hey, it’s my life.”

    So here are the insights of branding brilliance from the lesson of Death Cigarettes that resonated with me. You might consider them when building your own brand.

    There are two ways you can create a brand either with oodles of money or creative positioning.

    Nike built their brand with oodles of money. Imagine what they paid Tiger Woods for his endorsement.

    Death Cigarettes did it with creative positioning. Cunningham explained his three rules for creating branding.

    1. Take a polarized position.
    2. Make enemies.
    3. Create tension.

    Examine your position. How creative is it? If you have oodles of money like Nike then spend it on your brand. Otherwise, the only way you will build your brand is by creative positioning.

    1. Take a position away from the crowd. Stand where no one else is standing.
    2. Be bold. Be prepared to disagree with the status quo and make enemies along the way. Pick your market and be willing to annoy others.
    3. Create tension. Make people choose. Create controversy. Coke versus Pepsi. Windows versus Mac. Batman versus the Joker.

    Who can you think of that has created their brand by following these three rules of creative brand positioning?

    Harley Davidson jumps to mind immediately. People love them or hate them. That is powerful branding. Remember, branding is about creating powerful emotions both love and hate. Figure out who you want to love you. Have you noticed that the strongest brands have lots of enemies?

    Are you ready to create your brand? If so, follow these three rules for creative brand positioning

    1. Take a polarized position.
    2. Make enemies.
    3. Create tension.

    You will need to be bold. You will upset some mainly your competition and those who will never buy from you. Can you live with that? If so be bold, take a position and be prepared to make some enemies along with some raving fans.

    George Torok helps business owners gain an Unfair Advantage over the competition. He is the co author of the bestselling Secrets of Power Marketing. Claim your free copy of “50 Power Marketing Ideas” at Arrange a keynote marketing presentation by calling 905 335 1997 Find more tips at