Philip Morris uses unique production technology to create iqos heets Bronze sticks. Composition: belt and acetate filter; special acetate a part of the clear out; tobacco combination. Distinct features: thorough grinding of tobacco leaves; the presence of natural meals flavors; completed composition with propylene glycol or glycerin.

Iqos has many flavors, but manufacturers are continuously seeking to invent new variations of cigarettes for users. Users of the tobacco heating machine were awaiting the discharge of the latest merchandise for a long time, due to the fact that initially the variety turned into several taste alternatives.

The series of iqos heets Bronze sticks was released simultaneously with another popular inexperienced zing line, each option thrilled customers with their wealthy flavor and sensitive aroma whilst smoking. Iqos heets Bronze sticks started out to be actively produced, now the offered version can be purchased on the authentic website of the manufacturer.

Within the description of the sticks, the manufacturer writes that when smoking you may sense the first-class flavor of cocoa and dried fruits. You have to get a combination of flavors. In truth, everything is a little unique. The main odor is tobacco, very similar to yellow sticks. There are slight notes of chocolate inside the aftertaste. They may in reality be felt best at the end, and really weakly. As for dried culmination, they’re no longer right here at all. Maybe the handiest person with a brilliant experience of scent can recognize them.

The amount of nicotine isn’t always indicated, it can only be determined with the assistance of your very own sensations. In our opinion, about zero.4 mg, which corresponds to the common electricity. We have also compiled our top strong and light sticks.

The composition of the filter out for icos consists of a cellulose layer, which helps to get rid of extra moisture. It additionally achieves a comfortable temperature for the smoker. Smoke now does not burn the mouth and does no longer tear the throat. Many people mistake it for plastic, however it isn’t.

Iqos heets Bronze sticks have a new, one of a kind flavor (study the brand new line of heets for iqos). This clearly hasn’t passed off earlier than. But in some way there’s a loss of reported aroma. In trend, you could give them a high quality evaluation, but why no longer lead them to even better.