Pall Mall cigarettesThe history of this brand goes back to 1899, when Butler & Butler Company released Pall Mall cigarettes into the market as a premium cigarettes brand.

In 1907, Pall Mall cigarettes brand acquired by American Tobacco concern and these cigarettes were a kind of test and testing ground for all sorts of innovations for a long time.

For example, these cigarettes were tested on new ways of tobacco filling that made smoking more pleasant and light. And these were namely Pall Mall cigarettes, which were produced in King-size.

The famous logo of Pall Mall cigarettes, its memorable mark in Nouveau Art style – all this became an integral part of the design package of cigarettes. There is an emblem with two royal lions resting on a shield with the motto «Per aspera ad Astra» (Through thorns to the stars) printed on the pack.

This same slogan can be seen in the Kansas state seal. Below the shield there is a image with another Latin motto – «In hoc signo vinces».

(Under this slogan you can win). It is another famous slogan of Pall Mall cigarettes, which appears on the packaging – «Wherever Particular People Congregate». The design of cigarette packaging has undergone many changes over the years of development of the brand, but it has always been easily recognizable.

In 1994, the brands Pall Mall and Lucky Strike became the acquisition of Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation, as their former owner began to get rid of tobacco brands. At that time, design of Pall Mall cigarettes was greatly behind the other brands, because these were one of several non-filter cigarettes.

Finally, in 1987, new Pall Mall cigarettes with filter were presented to the public, catching up with the industry, in which they used to be an innovator. Brown & Williamson and R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company made a fusion in 30 July 2004, establishing the title R.J. Reynolds Tobacco.

R.J. Reynolds Company continues to produce Pall Mall cigarettes of various kinds with and without filter in the US market. British American Tobacco Company manufactures and sells Pall Mall cigarettes outside the US. Today Pall Mall cigarettes are a brand oriented on progress in the portfolio of R.J. Reynolds’ brands.

Currently, Pall Mall cigarettes are one of the best selling brands, owned by British American Tobacco.