We manufacture our products in 25 factories around the world with quality tobacco leaf sourced from countries as far apart as Brazil and Zambia

There are three main varieties of tobacco virginia, burley and oriental. Each of them is grown and cured by thousands of farmers worldwide and sold in many different grades.

Tobacco blending is a skillful process starting with buying and combining exactly the right mix of grades to achieve the particular taste and quality our cigarette brands are known for. This requires continuous sampling from many different suppliers
and countries.


Blending and conditioning tobacco for cigarettes is a distinct process from that of cigars but like cigar production incorporates a number of different stages. Tobacco itself is treated, cigarette filters are added and different types of paper are wrapped around the tobacco to control the burning process.

Flavors are also added this could be a stronger flavoring or top notes , and may include ingredients such as carob bean or menthol. The use and quantity of flavorings may also vary according to regional preferences. Our aim is to produce not only the highest quality cigarettes but also the consistency our customers rely on.


Our cigarette portfolio contains eight Global Flagship Brands, and a large number of local brands that we sell regionally. Worldwide, this means that we offer our consumers over 100 tobacco product brands.

JTI Global Flagship Brands

Mild Seven / Mevius
Benson & Hedges
Silk Cut

JTI other cigarette brands

Export ‘A’
Mi Ne
Monte Carlo
Peter I
Russian Style
St George

E-cigarette reviews by the pros – electronic cigarette pros

Benson and hedges cigarettes – benson and hedges cigarette reviews & ratings at cigreviews

The FDA has not figured out these should be regulated yet, but as more and more studies are happening more support is showing up for these devices that have been proven to be much less harmful than tobacco.

Even Though Political Officials And Other Corporations Think E Cigs Are Not Great, There Are Many Happy People Using Them All Over The World!

I have been smoking e cigs for a good five years now and there has not been a moment in which I personally questioned making what has been such a positve, life affirming switch from tobacco cigarettes (and yes to sound even more corny but true! I haven’t been able to stand their stench for a good while especially now that I can actually SMELL again!).

I believe that many smokers are shocked at how effective an e cig really is when they are using the perfect one for them.

To help share my experiences and first hand knowledge with other smokers is the ultimate goal of this site my intention here is nothing short of finding exactly the right E Cigarette for YOU. There is no one best electronic cigarette model that suits every user’s taste and lifestyle, nicotine habit even flavor preferences. Indeed E Cigs you will soon find offer chances to personalize the experience in a much more satisfying way that do so called ‘analog’ traditional tobacco sticks.

One Solid Piece Of Advice When First Switching It Is Useful To Explore a Little and Find That Right Fit, Once You Discover One (or likely several) Flavors of E Liquid You Love and Get A Reliable Quality ECIG Unit I Assure You It Will Become Easier To Focus on What You Like About It More Than It Is Challenging To Forget About The Thing You Are Leaving Behind.

There Really Is Nothing Else Like Elecronic Cigarettes, It Truly Is A Revolutionary Innovation (Hence The Controversy In The Press, I’ll Get Into That Part In Blog Posts and Editorials On The Site If You Want To Shed Some Light On That Subject).

I personally have experience with more than twenty different brand name electronic cigarettes and almost every size, shape, and configuration that you can imagine. On this site is a great amount of reviews, how to s and other knowledge about electronic cigarettes. We also have discount codes and coupons as well as giveaways for you to take advantage of.

It Does Not Matter What You Call The Products, One Thing Is True And That Is That They Have Become Very Popular!

Even though these devices have not been FDA approved to be promoted as a product that is known to be safer and much less harmful or to help stop smoking, many of the people that are former smokers have used the electronic cigarettes to do just the thing the FDA has not approved. I know this because I am one person that has successfully done just that.

On this site we have electronic cigarette reviews that are detailed, truthful, and will tell you exactly which electronic cigarette is the right one for you at the best price and how to avoid the brands that sell just cheap junk!

Most electronic cigarettes work the exact same way and that is that they contain a battery that gives power to an atomizer, which is a small heating element. After this is powered, the atomizer vaporizes the e liquid that is in the cartridge. Inside the cartridge is also an amount of nicotine or no nicotine if you choose to have no nicotine.

After you exhale you will get a cloud of vapor that looks exactly like that of cigarette smoke but it is not this at all. It is actually made up of water, flavorings, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Each and every one of these substances has been proven to be safe although the amount of safety that comes along with inhaling them for an extended period of time has not been determined just yet. Either way it is much safer than the tobacco smoke that causes cancer.

When Are You Ready To Purchase Your First E Cigarette The Options For It Are Limitless When It Comes To Where To Buy From And What Which Brand To Get.

By coming to our website, E Cigs Reviewed and subscribing to our newsletter you can be sure that you will find the perfect electronic cigarette that is for you no matter what kind of lifestyle that you lead. If you are a new person to this industry then you will quickly find out that there is a large amount of selection that can be had that you may not originally be aware of. There are companies out there that make a stronger refill than just a normal old company and if you are the type of person that wants or likes a strong hit of nicotine then these will be the ones you will want to look into.

By finding the best option for you it will make the transition much smoother and make the vaping experience a much better one.

If you find yourself purchasing an e cig that is either outdated or simply is not for you then this can get you very discouraged. We understand here that there is not a perfect electronic cigarette for every single person that is going to try these products. We break down each brand in several different ways and take into considerations the ones that have had a long running on being consistently good as well as the brand that we consider to be the best one out of all of them.

On the site we have an e cig buyer s guide that is kept up to date constantly and it has a comparison chart for you to see and use the helpful information. On our site we try to provide you with information that is not found on another other review sites. The site is expanding every single week and at a rapid pace so be sure to check back often to see the new stuff that we are consistently adding.

We Are Happy To Offer Our Personal Experiences And Advice On An Expert Level From Years Of Using E Cigs

Switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes is a positive and thrilling experience just as everyone has said and we have had the chance to experience this first hand. Vaping can be a wonderful experience with the correct advice and insight on the products and we are here to provide that and share our experiences. By sharing what we know we will try to ensure that you do not get garbage products and that your experience overall is as good as it can be.

Starter Kits For E Cigs Are Something That Has Grown Quite Popular Simply Because They Contain All Of The Products That You Need To Get Going And Getting It All At The Same Time

There is also a lot of savings to be had when you purchase a starter kit. There is only about one bad thing about the starter kits and this is that you may buy the one that is not for you, but we are here to try to make sure that this does not happen and that you get the perfect one that fits your needs. The starter kit is for sure the most expensive one time cost that you will have to make in your vaping experience and since it is such a nice amount of money researching what you are about to buy is a good idea.

There are many different things that vary with the models and these things include the amount of battery life, the lifespan of the device itself and the liquid capacity.

There is an atomizer cartridge combo that some companies sell that is called the customizer that is included in some of the starter kits. Electronic cigarettes can be found at some convenience stores and even gas stations but these may have specials items on them that are difficult to replace. Personally I recommend that people get a disposable e cig if they are not looking to buy a full starter kit so they can try out vaping and find out if it is for them for not.

Something to keep in mind is that most retail stores and gas stations only carry a limited supply and only carry a few models of electronic cigarettes. The stores also hike up the price as compared to buying directly from the manufacturer so obviously the best option to get the best choice of options and the best price is to get your e cig starter kit directly from the manufacturer.

After doing research an
d finding out which electronic cigarette you feel fits your needs the best then it is time to make the purchase of the e cig.

You want to be sure that you are confident on your choice before you make the investment to get the Ecig. We have put a lot of time into reviewing and giving an honest report of each company and we try to give the best reviews that we can about each and every one of the products that we review.

Soon we are going to start having giveaways and the reason for this is because as we continue to grow as a site we want to involve the people that visit the site and give back to them as a sort of thanks. In our giveaways we will have e cig kits, premium liquids and even gift certificates. We will also start of offer something known as one stop browsing that has our own reviews in depth side by side with the reviews of users and also summaries that are from all around the internet.

If you read the E Cigarettes brands reviews that we have written up and consider each and every one of the options that you have properly before diving into buying your first Electric Cigarettes then we think that you will be making an informed buying choice and that you will be satisfied all around.

There are some Vapor Cigarette brands that have unique things about them that is always needed to be considered and we make sure to draw attention to these companies so that if they are a good need for you, you will know right away. There are certain kits that are best for people that are road warriors that have to have great vaping while on the go and one company sells these the best. Another company is well known for selling nicotine that is stronger for those people that want a stronger dose.

Since many companies use the same base design to create their e cig this makes it easy to know that they are cross compatible with each other. This means that if you have a flavor that you really like, but it is not sold by the company that you bought your e cigarette from, you can purchase it from the company that sells it and use it with your electronic cigarette.

This same thing can apply to the PPC or portable charging case. This is a section that we will be growing out and ensuring that we provide more reports about information that we know is useful to those that are just starting out or those that have been in this business for quite some time. We are here to tell you which brands are compatible with each other s brand because usually this is nothing something that is shared between companies because they do not want to lose your business to another company if they can try to get around that.

There is only one electronic cigarette that is the best and that is the best one that is for you

We have learned that to in order to be a great review website we need to earn the trust and the commitment from the readers that come here. We are going to try to do that with the reviews that we have that are very detailed, blog posts, and also the buyer s guide that we keep up to date.

As more people are deciding that they want to lead a healthier life and stop being exposed to the harmful effects of tobacco smoke, the industry of electronic cigarettes is booming. The old smells and nasty habit of having bad teeth and always having bad breathe can now be no more by simply switching to electronic cigs. The revolution of cigarette alternatives has started and it has been a miracle to people by saving not only their health by also their bank account.

There are several million people that have already made the switch from tobacco cigarettes. The experiences that we have and the opinion that we will provide are hoping to ensure that you have a smooth switch from tobacco to smokeless e cigarettes and also have a good time along the way.

By letting us help you decide which electronic cigarette is the best one for you, you will have no doubts in your mind if you made a smart decision about your purchase. You will see the amazing experience of what switching from tobacco can provide!