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Report: graphic cigarette pack warnings headed for europe

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German mass circulation paper “Bild” reported on Thursday that the European Commission had agreed on a common policy for tobacco products, after months of delay.

Saying it has obtained a draft document from the EU’s executive, Bild reported that more explicit, pictorial health warnings would be placed on packets along with a ban on taste enhancing additives such as those commonly found in menthol cigarettes. Terms like “Light” would also be outlawed, along with slim cigarettes, the paper said.

Cigarette packets in Germany already carry warnings like “smoking can be deadly” or “smoking causes considerable damage to you and people around you,” but countries like Australia and England have already introduced a system whereby pictures of damaged lungs, gums, teeth and other body parts are shown in photographs. The argument for such measures is that these images provide a stronger message than written health warnings.

One size fits all, no additives allowed

Bild reported that these health warnings, comprised of a combination of text and images, would take up three quarters of the front and back of any packet of cigarettes. Having taken consumer information on taxes levied into account, the legislation would leave only around 20 percent of the packaging for the maker’s mark itself.