marlboro-red-goldThe first Marlboro cigarettes appeared in 1924. The famous cowboy began its triumphant march in the US market 30 years later in 1955 and during the first year after the launch of the advertising campaign, the sales volume of Marlboro cigarettes rose by 3000%, that was a fabulous amount at that time.

At present, Marlboro is the flagship brand of Philip Company Morris, which is consumed in all continents, occupying the seventh position as the most famous brand of cigarettes.

Initially, actors and models participated in the advertising of Marlboro cigarettes. Later, they were replaced by real cowboys. Being brutal and full of masculinity, they are the real heroes of America, reminding customers about the wild prairies and unbridled spirit of freedom. The first Marlboro person (Marlboro Man) was the actor William Thourlby.

The modern Marlboro cigarettes are marketed in different varieties. To begin with one of them that we want is absolutely a matter of complete understanding.

So … from left to right Marlboro LIGHTS, Marlboro Red, colloquially the same, the famous “Marlboro red,” and finally a novelty, namely Marlboro FILTER PLUS.

The first two varieties have the classic acetate filter with the outer surface. And here, with the “Filter Plus”, it is a special thing. Between the coal and the acetate parts of the filter, there is a paste of tobacco. This is an insert, which, as the manufacturer says, makes the taste of cigarettes more saturated.

How it happens, it is not the matter of discussions. As you can see, the products of FILTER PLUS sub-brand are lighter cigarettes. They may be of interest, especially for those who just begin to consume tobacco. The assets of the “Filter Plus” in addition to the original design and low specific fortress are an unusual way to open the pack.

Marlboro is one of the most expensive and most recognizable brands in the entire world. Today, almost every cigarette of this brand is associated with a severe cowboy in the midst of the American prairie, and just some people know that it all began with the products, which were solely intended for the female audience. The history of Marlboro is the story of how a scarcely known brand becomes a real legend. After all, that is what the founder of the company tried to reach from the very start.

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