Electronic cigarettes are sweeping the nation as one of the newest crazes, and there are literally dozens of electronic cigarette brands from which to choose.

They are essential products for individuals who are trying to kick the habit, but they also serve as a fill in for those who can no longer smoke in public or who do not want to offend others with the odor.

Listed here are the 10 best electronic cigarette brands as chosen by consumers.

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Below is a summary of the top brands

#1 V2 Cigs

The leader of electronic cigarette brands in the US is by far V2 Cigs.

This company offers only the highest quality liquid in its cartomizers, and consumers all over the country continue to rave about this electronic cigarette.

The company s starter packages offer up everything a smoker would need to get started, including both an automatic and a manual battery.


  • The company offers ten flavors from which consumers can choose, including novelty variants like cola and mint tea as well as traditional tobacco flavors.
  • The starter packages are well priced when compared with competitors and contain everything a new vapor user needs to get started as well as a few extras.
  • All of the flavors are available in four nicotine strengths to help people gradually stop smoking altogether.
  • The nicotine strengths are lower than those of the competitors in order to help people reduce their intake and eventually quit over time.
  • The Flavor Carts allow customers to order packs of three flavors so they can get a variety for less money.


  • Although the company claims that the product has a lifetime warranty, they will only replace each part of the product up to five times regardless of the reason.

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The Eonsmoke electronic cigarette uses a disposable battery to heat up a cartridge filled with a liquid that contains a mixture of nicotine, flavoring, and propylene glycol. It also contains a flavor of your choosing including tobacco, menthol, president, wrangler etc. The vapor disappears within seconds and leaves little trace, which enables you to enjoy smoking your electric cigarette anywhere even in some places where regular smoking is prohibited.

Eonsmoke disposables come in our awesome six tobacco flavors tobacco, menthol, wrangler, president, sands, and frost. Currently all disposables are being introduced only in 30MG while more nicotine strengths will be introduced at a later date. Our new e cigarettes come in a soft tipped filter, light weight, and easily portable within our flip top plastic carrying case. Enjoy your Eonsmoke today and choose whatever flavor you know and love!