Let us take a look at a brand that has always epitomized true quality, clean smoking, and of course a strong relationship between the smoker and the brand. West cigarettes stand for – made in Germany. And such a phrase evokes an immediate sense of high standards, new innovations, care and attention to everything that is produced. This is a high bar that the creators of the legendary brand set for themselves.

These characteristics are what classify West cigarettes. This brand of cigarettes has never stopped on its way; the tobacco market honors it everyday.

Important qualities are – the characteristic taste of the tobacco blend, simplicity in the design of the packaging, pronounced colors and the exact shape of the product.

But, an important point is the development and implementation of effective cigarette filters: The filter consists of charcoal and acetate – acetate fiber in the form of a cylinder, with paper on top. And activated charcoal removes parts of the harmful elements of tobacco smoke.

West Red is the strongest flavor variation in the brand’s lineup. This variation counts 10 mg of tar / 0.8 mg of nicotine. This combination will please avid smokers. West cigarettes can always be found in specialized online tobacco stores. In a short period of time, they have been able to prove their right to exist and attract numerous supporters from a wide variety of smokers.

What are West cigarettes?

West cigarettes were originally launched in Germany in 1981. It was a completely new formula of Reemtcma cigarettes, and this company is a subsidiary offshoot of the British Company Imperial Tobacco. The production of the product was accompanied by a serious advertising campaign. It indicated that this product is a perfect match between price and quality. And the efforts of manufacturers were not in vain, the result did not take long to wait. Success was imminent. After only a year, this brand became one of the most popular in the country. Such an obvious demand prompted the management of the enterprise to conclude agreements on exporting products abroad. Very soon they were sold in many other European countries.