Before there was the iconic macho Marlboro Man we are all familiar with, Julie London sold billions of Marlboro cigarettes. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the ad men at Leo Burnett had Julie London singing the Marlboro jingle on their TV ads. If I hadn t been eight years old at the time, I would have been seduced into lighting up a Marlboro with Julie.

L.A. Times reporter, Hal Humphrey s who interviews Julie London about her Marlboro ads, had the same reaction I had when I viewed these commercials. Why pair her up with some Old Guy (actor Phil Terry) when they could have, for example, hauled me out of the sixth grade to have Julie sing to me and the youth market segment? Here s Mr. Humphrey s interview.

In the early 1960s, when cigarettes were advertised on television, London memorably crooned “The Marlboro Song” to a swain in a convertible or beach house. A hard bitten Times business writer confessed that London was the only woman on television who could persuade him to buy anything adding that he smoked a dozen of her touted brand while interviewing her.

From Julie s obituary in the L.A. Times

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