Davidoff cigarettesDavidoff cigarettes are a relatively new brand of cigarettes, which next year will be just 30 years old. But in spite of such a “young” age, it can be called as one of the most successful European projects in the tobacco industry.

Judge for yourself: only the legendary branch store in London founded the multi-million tobacco ’empire’, sold more than 400,000 units during one year, about 220 kinds of exclusive and high-quality cigars and several varieties of elite cigarettes (worldwide, 36 registered shops and 26 industrial zones were opened).

The brand was created by legendary Zino Davidoff who was born in the family of immigrants from Ukraine.

A favorite saying of this Master was that the wisdom is a true pleasure that comes to a person only who understand the subtleties and nuances of the process of creation (formation) of anything as the knowledge of trivia and details of career leads to an understanding and love to the results of this creation. A process of enjoying is even born by this love.

The whole life of Mr. Davidoff confirms the validity of this judgment. Still being a little boy, he was knowledgeable and tried to get the experience of his father who also was a tobacco businessman. And then, in practice, he studied the secrets of the tobacco business from scratch, managed to become the first European to try Cuban cigars and even brought a valuable cargo of these cigarettes to Switzerland by sea.

The success of cigars was stunning.

But then the year 1985 came when Davidoff began to work closely with the firm Reemtsma. The work resulted in appearance of several varieties of cigarettes. The best specimens were received, having a gorgeous, impeccably elegant, a little moody and intoxicating aroma.

The Master’s name Davidoff was approved for these cigarettes and it was possibly the Master himself who invented a wonderful slogan: “When you know what is worthy” (in some interpretations – “You can reach more!”)

These European cigarettes never were a trend or a “product of the new season”. On the contrary, as soon as they appeared in the market, they became the “elite” tobacco products!

They reflect the refined taste of the smoker, the uniqueness, originality and self-sufficiency of a consumer. This quiet confidence of a man who reached the success, is not afraid to make decisions and take responsibility is stressed by the ability to consume the Davidoff cigarettes!

Order them and enjoy as much as you can!