cigarettesSmokers love their habit and do not want to hide it. Smokers completely do not understand why others do not consume tobacco. Smoking is a delight that can be allowed anywhere.

Smokers consider themselves as more special persons in comparison to non-smokers. They think that cigarettes let them develop faster.

While smoking, they suddenly get new ideas that they would not appear if their brains were satisfied with nicotine.

Looking at the tips of glowing cigarettes, smokers consider problems that they have and find appropriate solutions.

Smoking is very useful for work activity. Working hardly, employees need to find new ways and solutions. For example, those who in the business development fields always need to discover market shares for products of their companies. The tobacco consumption is a stimulation to work more actively and creatively, develop the business directions, which are profitable for the company.

On the contrary, non-smokers who do not have similar stimulations cannot be so productive and can envy smokers for that.

Maybe, this is the reason why they criticize smokers so much and try to convince them that they must quit. Possibly, they do not pronounce it consciously, but they are instinctively afraid of smokers as strong competitors.

They complain that smokers bother them with their tobacco smell and do all possible efforts to let smokers be unemployed.

They applause when smokers have to leave offices because of their complaints.

They say they want to protect their health. No, it is not the real cause. The background is their desire to keep their jobs as they comprehend that smokers are too competitive for them!

They mask their fear with explanations that smokers spend too much time with their cigarettes and the others have to do their work.

That’s lie! Smokers are more concentrated on their work; they come refreshed after a smoke pause and are ready to work actively.

The tobacco gives them strength to work. They feel relaxed after a pause and reach good results.

On the contrary, smokers do not have such a satisfaction and become exhausted much faster.

They can surely envy those who find pleasure in cigarettes and do not feel so tired during the work.

But it is their personal problem. If they do not want to inhale tobacco smokes, nobody forces them to begin with it.

But they dare not blame those who find a real delight in this addiction. It is not their right!

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