IQOS is a better alternative to the cigarette. And it is pretty safe when you buy them in Canadian online shops. IQOS does not need a fire, it does not produce ashes and there is no smell of cigarette smoke. This is the IQOS buy online Canada ambiguity.

The heart of the IQOS is the HeatSticks, with which it is fed. These look like short cigarettes, complete with filters and come in 10 boxes of 6g tobacco. If you are used to buying a pack of cigarettes, 1 box a day you will not notice much difference with The HeatSticks, apart from being a bit cheaper. Handling one, it feels just like a cigarette – so much that you can just be tempted to stay in your mouth and light it. You don’t do this; it kind of lacks the point and they won’t burn properly anyway. That is the IQOS buy online Canada ambiguity.

Instead of what you do, insert the HeatStick into the hole at one end of the IQOS. This looks like it could be pretty tricky, but it turned out to be easy. Once in it held tightly in place so you don’t have to worry about it falling into your lap either. Then just turn the device on and wait for it to warm up to operating temperature. This process takes less than a minute and you don’t have to guess when it’s done. As soon as you press the button it turns on a green LED starts to flash; when the device is ready to go it stops blinking and stays on. After that, all you have to do is puff.

The aromatic Heets From Marlboro Bronze Label tobacco sticks with nicotine give your IQOS e-cigarette a mild and delicately sweet taste that is assured when you buy IQOS in Canadian webshops.

The bronze label tobacco sticks of the brand Heets From Marlboro for smoke-free heating in the IQOS e-cigarette have a similar nicotine content as the Marlboro Gold cigarettes (0.5 mg). The high-quality Heets From Marlboro Bronze Label tobacco sticks convince the users of an IQOS e-cigarette with a mild and fine-spicy-sweet tobacco taste that is secured in Canadian webshops.

This is the IQOS buy online Canada ambiguity.