Extreme regulation of e cigarettes has been imposed by the European authorities. Read more here

As soon as it is transposed into national law, it will be challenged before the Courts!

Consumers represented by AIDUCE are disgusted to note that despite trying over several months to inform them of their serious concerns about the Tobacco Products Directive, MEPs have proven deaf to their arguments and to those of an impressive number of reputable researchers and health professionals.

The specialised law firm hired by AIDUCE confirms that the regulation of e cigarettes imposed by the European Directive is contrary to EU treaties. During its preparation, no consultation was conducted with the people most affected, the vapers themselves. The fundamental principle of the free movement of goods within the Single Market has been flouted. This regulation must be challenged and it will be, at the first legally valid opportunity which is when it is transposed into national law.
It is not only illegal, but draconian and contrary to the interests of public health. It will seriously slow down and in many cases stop the development of new products very different from conventional cigarettes. The total ban on advertising will serve only the interests of the tobacco industry whose customers will be deprived of the opportunity of discovering a far less harmful alternative. The regulation imposes onerous restrictions unsupported by any serious research and driven only by the demand of powerful pharmaceutical and tobacco lobbies to protect their industries from their most formidable competitor ever.

A regulation justified by no hard evidence!

The letter sent by reputable researchers to the European Commissioner for Health and their subsequent correspondence show that the regulation is not supported by any evidence and worse, it is based on a voluntary distortion of their work.

Scientists letter
Scientists correspondence

An incoherent regulation that is harmful to public health!

E liquid bottles exceeding 10ml in volume will be banned.

If it is believed, despite any supporting evidence, that handling e liquid bottles is dangerous, then surely handling many small ones must be more dangerous than handling fewer large ones? Moreover, the cost of small bottles is much greater per ml than bigger ones. Why add completely unjustified costs to consumers? Why substantially increase the environmental impact caused by millions of little plastic bottles thrown away as waste? In practice, the supply of large bottles will relocate from Europe to other regions, such as Asia.

Tanks exceeding 2ml in volume will be banned.

Again, if it is believed, despite any evidence, that filling tanks is dangerous, surely it would be safer to fill larger ones less often? Continuous product improvement increasingly offers larger tanks that can be filled more easily and less frequently why should an unjustified law stop this trend? In practice, the manufacture of the best performing equipment will also relocate outside Europe.

Manufacturers will be forced to wait six months before putting new products on the market.

Continuous improvement offers an ever wider choice of products that are increasingly efficient and easy to use. There appears to be a direct link between the rate of innovation and the number of smokers leaving tobacco. It is a rate unknown in the pharmaceutical industry, which seems to have inspired this delay. What is its purpose? What criteria will be applied to decide which products to authorise? This measure will serve only seriously to hinder new product development and thereby protect the tobacco industry.

Despite the single market, the government may be tempted by a ban on cross border sales to consumers.

We have shown above that the availability of e liquids bought on the internet from elsewhere in Europe can significantly lower prices. Banning it will encourage the protection of national markets and dramatically restrict consumer choice. In practice, it will encourage the large scale development of a parallel market across our porous borders.

Beyond the ban on promotion to minors already in force, all publicity will be prohibited.

Without any publicity, how will smokers discover an alternative to tobacco that is infinitely less dangerous? A wide range of choice is essential to help them adopt the e cigarette, yet the absence of advertisement will deprive them from knowing what is available. In practice, this prohibition will further protect the tobacco industry whose products are far better known and more readily obtainable.

E cigarettes will continue to be subject to a ban on nicotine concentrations above 20mg/ml.

We know, from the testimony of vapers in countries where the permitted concentration is relatively high, that at least a quarter needed levels above 20mg/ml in order to adopt the ecig. This is backed by research cited in the scientists letter, which has found that 20 to 30% of users use liquids above
20mg. The letter points out that the limit of 20mg is less than one third of the nicotine delivered by a tobacco cigarette. The imposed limit therefore favours traditional cigarettes. We would also point to recent research Human toxicity of Nicotine that states the frequent warnings of potential fatalities caused by ingestion of small amounts of tobacco products or diluted nicotine containing solutions are unjustified and need to be revised in light of overwhelming data indicating that more than 0.5 g of oral nicotine is required to kill an adult .

In conclusion, these provisions are unjust, incoherent and detrimental to public health. They will be challenged before the Courts AIDUCE will see to it and in practice they will be rendered ineffective by the development of a huge parallel market.

Note The European law deprives citizens of any direct recourse against EU directives. However, the procedure known as the European Citizens Initiative allows at least one million citizens to call on the Commission to make a legislative proposal through the medium of a petition. We therefore call on all vapers, their families and friends to sign the European Free Vaping Initiative


Eu propose ban on menthol and electronic cigarettes

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E cigarettes have risen in popularity since smoking was banned in enclosed area GETTY

On Tuesday, MEPs from 28 nations will have the chance to vote on restrictions of various tobacco products in an attempt to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking.

With electronic cigarettes rising in popularity in the past few years, campaigners have argued that e cigarettes are becoming damaging to people’s health.

Tobacco companies and e cigarette manufacturers have however all requested the restrictions are watered down.

Anti smoking backers have claimed that e cigarettes have the potential to save millions of lives and have already had a positive impact on society.

MEPs are set to vote on the matter on Tuesday GETTY

Restrictions have been focused on preventing children and young people from picking up masked cigarettes who may be tricked in smoking.

E cigarettes are designed as an alternative to smoking cigarettes without the use of tobacco. They are battery operated and turn chemicals such as nicotine into water vapour.

The proposals have been focused around preventing children and young people from picking up masked cigarettes who may be tricked in smoking.

Menthol cigarettes could also become banned in the EU after officials worry the younger generation may turn to smoking because of the sweet flavouring.

Cigarette packets may soon have bigger warning signs GETTY

Words such as “light” and “mild” may also be removed from packets to prevent misleading customers.

Other proposals include increasing the size of health warnings on cigarette packs and banning slim cigarettes and packs of 10 cigarettes.

An EU report has suggested that around 700,000 people die of smoking related deaths annually across the 28 nations.

And treatment for smoke related diseases costs about 25 billion euro (f21 billion) a year.

Legislation was passed in 2007 that banned smokers from lighting up in all enclosed places across England.

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