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Which E Liquid Flavours Are Making the Biggest Splash?

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More information Facts about Electronic cigarette

4everecig vapor cigarette starter kit

Why does Blu advertise its vapor cigarette? Maybe it is because it is a brand from a company with the resources available and that company is a tobacco cigarette manufacturer. The brand is now owned by Lorillard Technology Inc. who is the manufacturer of various cigarette brands including Kent and Newport . They know tobacco, we know eCigarettes and eJuice.

Both the Blu and 4EverEcigtm eGo brands offer an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. However, the eGo series offers a more satisfying experience. The eGo series provides a much larger throat hit than the Blu and other similar brands. The higher battery power available with the eGo produces a much richer and longer “hit”. The eGo T, eGo C, and eGo Us all can use a much wider range of juice flavors and nicotine content. The available atomizer/tank capacity further enhances the enjoyment without the need to frequently replace the atomizer and recharge the battery. Many brands including Blu require the individual vaporer to purchase new non refillable atomizers cartridges with specific flavors limiting the vaporer to just those flavors.

Designs like the Blu brand have a capacity that can provide around 250 “puffs” per battery charge and cartridges. The eGo series provide 520 puffs between charges and refills with the available larger atomizer/tanks the capacity is even more. In all cases, the number of “puffs” is dependent on the draw and volume of vapor the user enjoys.

The flavor option is another benefit to the eGo series. All brands offer several flavors. According to the Blu’s website, they offer 7 flavors. The flavors available for the eGo series are virtually limitless. You can easily create your own custom blend by mixing flavors together. eJuice available for refill systems is in the hundreds. We currently offer 30 different flavors in various nicotine strengths and are adding new flavors constantly.

With these choices, why would you limit yourself to a few flavors and limited enjoyment? Try our 4EverEcig electronic cigarettes, we will not disappoint you.

Kent, Newport, Blu and Blu eCigs are registered trademarks of the Lorillard Technology Inc. Company. All information used for this comparison was retrieved from the Blu brand website as of 1/21/2013. The 4EverEcig name and its brands are trademarks of , LLC

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