Reviewed by
    LALIT SONI (A 73)
    • The cigarette industry is one of the oldest industries in India.
    • It is an important AGRO based Industry.
    • It is highly labor intensive & provides livelihood to about 5 million people directly and indirectly.
    • Cigarette is an item falling under the First Schedule to the Industries (Development & Regulation) Act, 1951 and requires an industrial license.
    • India is the second largest producer of tobacco in the world.
    • It exports a good amount of cigarette in various countries, which generates a handsome amount of revenue for the company.
    • Cigarette exports during 2007 08 increased by 11 % in volume terms over the exports of previous year.
    • Major markets for cigarettes are UAE and USA, Romania, Saudi Arabia and Iraq where the demand for generic low cost cigarettes is growing.


  • Cigarettes Growth potential
    • Cigarettes account for only 15% of tobacco consumed in India unlike world pattern of 85% due to prolonged punitive taxation
    • Cigarettes (15% of tobacco consumption) contribute nearly 85% of Revenue to the Exchequer from tobacco sector
    • Of the 58% of adult Indian males who consume tobacco, barely 15% can afford cigarettes
    • Biri Cigarettes ratio 10 1
    • Annual per capita adult cigarette consumption in India is appx. one tenth world average 85
    • Future growth depends on relative rates of growth of per capita income and moderation in taxes
  • Cigarettes Growth potential
    15 % cigarettes
  • Surveyed as per March 2009
    • Godfrey Phillips (India) Ltd.
    • V.S.T. Industries Ltd.
    • ITC Limited
    • G.T.C. Industries Ltd.
  • Market share
    GTC 8%
    GPI 12%
    ITC 72 %
  • BCG Matrix
    Market attractiveness & Competitive strength is also important.
    • One of India s premier private limited groups with over 99 years.
    • Large & established Distribution Networks.
    • Annually turnover of the co. is RS 2888 Crore
    • It is one of the eight Indian companies to feature in Forbes A list in 2004.
    • It has more then 21,000 employees at more then 60 location across India with 4,86,000 shareholders.
    • Ranks No. 4 among Indian listed Private Sector Companies bymarket cap. ( April 09)
    • Rated as one of India s Most Respected Companies(IMRB Business world Survey 2006)
    • On 24th Aug. 1910 the company was incorporated as a private company under the name, Imperial Tobacco Co. of India ltd.
    • On 27th Oct. 1954 the company was converted into a public limited company.
    • The name of the company was changed from the ImperialTobacco co. of India ltd., to India Tobacco co. ltd. In May 1970.
    • On Oct. 1972 company entered into Hotel business.
    • On 2000 company has launched a project e choupal in Bhopal to Web enable farmers to make a beginning in Agriculture e trade.
    • During the same year ITC has launched Wills sport, a full range of internationally styled premium wear for Men & Women.
  • Vision and Mission
    • Vision

    Sustain ITC&apos s position as one of India&apos s most valuable corporations through world class performance, creating growing value for the Indian economy and the Company s stakeholders.

    • Mission

    To enhance the wealth generating capability of the enterprise in a globalizing environment, delivering superior and sustainable stakeholder value.

    • Cigarette companies manipulate menthol levels to lure young smokers
    • Major brands and their advertising campaigns
    • Always use their existing channels.
    • Utilizing nominal resources related with the brand
    • Brand Ambassador are selected according to the brands and mostly are YOUTH ICONS
    • They emphasize on going with the FLOW and making their Followers .


    • Market leader in India.
    • Powerful Brands across segments.
    • Leadership in all segments geographic & price.
    • Extensive FMCG distribution network.

    Direct servicing of 1,00,000 markets & nearly 2 million Retail outlets.

    • Exciting long term growth potential.
    • World class state of the art technology and products.

    Investment Rs.10 billion in six years

    • About 71% of the Total Turnover depends upon this Business.
    • Super Premium Products
    • Insignia

    ITC Insignia. 97 mm.
    Cost Rs 130 for 20
    Where quality touches infinity , redefine perfection
    Advertised in Higher SES area

    • 555

    ITC 555 premium filter regular 84 mm.
    Cost Rs 100 for 20
    Advertised in Higher SES

    • India King

    ITC India King. 84 mm.
    Cost Rs 100 for 20
    Rule your World
    Advertised in Higher SES area

    • Wills Silk Cut(king size)

    ITC Wills Silk Cut Filter 84 mm.
    Cost Rs 88 for 20
    A blend so right a filter so fine
    Advertised in Higher SES

    • Premium Products
    • Wills Classic/Mild/Regular/Menthol / Ultra Mild

    ITC Wills Classic/Mild Filter King
    84 mm. Cost Rs 94 for 20
    Discover a passion
    Advertised in Higher SES

    • Wills Navy Cut(Filter Tipped)

    ITC Wills Navy Cut Filter ,74 mm.
    Cost Rs 68 for 20
    Made for each other
    Advertised in Higher SES

    • Wills Navy Cut(Duotec)

    ITC Wills Navy Cut Filter ,84 mm.
    Cost Rs 80 for 20
    Advertised in Higher SES

    • Navy Cut(Regular Size)

    ITC Wills Navy Cut Filter ,69 mm.
    Cost Rs 48 for 20
    Advertised in Higher and Lower SES.

    • Gold Flake(Premium)

    ITC Gold Flake Premium Regular 69 mm.
    Cost Rs 58 for 20
    It s Honeydew Smooth , Smooth, exquisite,
    timeless. But then, all art is
    Advertised in Higher and lower SES

    • Gold Flake King/Lights/Ultra Light Filter

    ITC Gold Flake King/Light Regular 84 mm.
    Cost Rs 88 for 20
    Now in a Bevelled Edge pack
    Advertised in Higher and lower SES

    • benson & hedges(light & hard)
    • B & H under ITC Regular Size 84mm.
    • Cost Rs 100 for 20
    • Advertised in Higher and Lower SES
    • Marlboro (light & hard)
    • Phillip Morris under ITC Regular Size 84 mm.
    • Cost Rs 100 for 20
    • Advertised in Higher and Lower SES
    • Bingo Products
    • Wills Flake
    • ITC Wills Flake Filter Regular Size 69mm.
    • Cost Rs 58 for 20
    • Advertised in Higher and Lower SES
    • Bristol
    • ITC Bristol Regular Size 69 mm.
    • Cost Rs 32 for 20
    • Rise to the taste
    • Advertised in Higher and Lower SES
  • SWOT Analysis
    • Strength

    Biggest and the largest player in the Indian tobacco market with a market share of 80%.
    Its Gold Flake tobacco brand is the largest FMCG brand in India and this single brand alone holds 70% of the tobacco market.

    • Weakness

    It still has to consolidate its foot in the cigar market largely dominated by Godfrey Philips.

  • SWOT Analysis
    • Opportunities

    ITC is moving into new and emerging markets like developing countries of Eastern Europe, Africa etc.

    • Threats

    The obvious threat is from competition, both domestic and international.
    Health hazard
    Increasing tax in Cigarettes

    • Ent
      ry Barrier ANALYSIS
    • Supplier Bargaining Power
    • Buyer&apos s Bargaining Power
    • Industry Rivalry
    • Substitutes

    Porter s Five Forces analysis

  • Summary on ITC s SBUs
  • GPI Cigarettes
    • The second largest player in the Indian cigarette industry.
    • Annual turnover exceeds INR 1800 crore (approx. US $369.6 million)
    • Has two major stakeholders, one of India&apos s leading industrial houses the K. K. Modi Group and one of the world&apos s largest tobacco companies, Philip Morris.

    Godfrey Phillips India ltd.

    Incorporated in India in 1936, the Company established its own manufacturing facilities in 1944
    On 1946 GODFREY PHILLIPS became a Public Ltd. Co. with its manufacturing operations in Mumbai
    Its products are distributed through an extensive India wide network comprising 484 exclusive distributors and over 800,000 retail outlets
  • Vision and Mission
    • Vision

    To become a leading tobacco player in India and beyond.

    • Mission

    empowers all its people to think and act radically, stretch relentlessly and generate path breaking ideas and strategies to propel the Company. This helps to create and build powerful brands with unmatched service and world class processes.

  • MAJOR Brands
    • Four Square Filter

    GPI Four Square Filter Regular.69 mm
    Cost Rs 48 for 20
    Man with the smooth edge
    Advertised in Higher and Lower SES

    • Stellar

    GPI Stellar Slims Cost Rs76 for 20
    Low nicotine, High Satisfaction
    Advertised in Higher SES area

    • GPI Red and White
    • GPI Red & White flake
    • Text in Hindi Hum red and white

    peenewalonkibaat hi kuchaurhai

    • Cost Rs 48 for 20

    Advertised in Higher and Lower SES

    • I Gen
    • GPI Red & White Regular .
    • Introduced India s 1st King size 5 s pack
    • India s 1st Euro Norm 10 1 10 cigarette holds the promise

    of an advanced cigarette quality and immense style.

    • Advertised in Higher and Lower SES
    • jaisalmer
    • GPI Jaisalmer Premium king size .
    • It is a luxurious blend of finest sun dried

    Virginia tobaccos which deliver a smooth
    mellow flavor.

    • Advertised in Higher and Lower SES
    • north pole
    • GPI North Pole menthol
    • largest selling menthol cigarette in India
    • Advertised in Higher and Lower SES
    • cavanders
    • GPI s Oldest & most trusted brand.
    • providing superb value and satisfaction
    • Cost Rs 68 for 20
    • Advertised in Higher and Lower SES
    • tipper
    • Phillip Morris Tipper
    • The fastest growing micro segment brand
    • Advertised in Higher and Lower SES
  • SWOT Analysis
    • Strength

    The second biggest tobacco company in India
    The first and only tobacco company to organize the fragmented cigar market in India and secure its position as the market leader in the cigar distribution.
    Partnering with some of the top most players in the international tobacco industry.

    • Weakness

    low popularity of most of its products
    No sole authority

  • SWOT Analysis
    • Opportunities

    Already present in the Middle East, West Africa, South East Africa and South East Asia, GPI can strengthen its position as an international player by entering new markets.
    Even expanding market share in the Indian tobacco market is an opportunity

    • Threats

    ITC getting into the cigar market
    It has a mere 12% in market share

    • New Entries
    • Buyers bargaining powers

    Oligopoly market situation.
    Suppliers bargaining power
    Fragmentation, consolidation & integration.
    Low switching costs
    Threat of substitutes
    Depends on buyer to buyer. Some are Brand Loyalists.
    Competitive rivalry
    New innovative products by rivals.
    Porter s Five Forces analysis

  • Golden tobacco ltd.
    • GPC is a professionally managed organization in the field of tobacco and tobacco related products.
    • Established in the year 1930 by the late ShriNarseeMonjee.
    • GTC is the first wholly owned company specializes in manufacturing & exporting an exclusive range of Cigarettes, Flavor Cigar & Non Tobacco smoking product.
    • GTC has manpower strength of 2000 employees spread across manufacturing.
    • The Company has two major production facilities in Mumbai as well as Baroda.
  • Vision and Mission
    • Vision
    • To be a largest, Human sensitive , Global Tobacco Company.
    • Mission
    • Constant R & D to develop the finest blends guided by relentless focus to deliver world class packaging, with the aim to exceed expectations of our consumers both in India and around the globe . All of our long term strategies & short term will be bound by the finest standards of professionalism and dedication.
    • We work with commitment , dedication & Integrity towards a common goal.
    • We are an equal opportunity Employer.
    • We believe that learning is a life long process & provide an environment attuned to growth.
    • We are a balance of the boldness, energy and courage of youth, sharpened by the experience, foresightedness and wisdom of veterans.
  • Major brands
    • PANAMA
    • A Legendry brand of GTC.
    • The company has launched several variants in the Panama portfolio.
    • Some of these are
    • Panama Virginia Regular
    • Panama Filter
    • Panama Gold
    • Panama Premium Filter
    • Panama Delight
    • Panama Menthol
    • Panama Mini Kings
    • chancellor
    • The Chancellor name is given to Golden Tobacco s Finest Blends.
    • Chancellor as a symbol of quality cigarettes.
    • Chancellor Browns
    • A unique Premium blend in the king size segment
    • It is a sophisticated & stylish product.
    • Chancellor Royale
    • Which appeals to the modern age consumers who have royal tastes & hearts of Gold.
    • Chancellor Exclusive
    • Unique Brown Cigarettes in Regular size with Distinctive Flavor.
    • Chancellor Harvard Luxury
    • A Consumer s Favorite since ages.
    • Chancellor Lights
    • A mind blend of finest tobacco, in a style White pack.
    • Golden
    • Carving a niche for itself in the crowded marketplace is the Golden s Brand.
    • An assurance of quality, for the value conscious smoker.
    • Golden s Gold Flake
    • A strong blend.
    • Which allows the smoker to derive

    immense pleasure.

    • Golden s Major
    • A tribute to the Macho, Courageous and Bold personalities.
    • The packaging of Golden major has been inspired from the Defense fraternity.
    • taj chap
    • A heritage brand of Golden Tobacco
    • Market for more than 35 years.
    • The only Premium brown cigarette in the

    non filter segment.

    • style mini kings
    • Launch more than 25 years ago
    • To cater to the changing youth of the country,

    The name STYLE says it all.

    • A distinctive blend , which was very well accepted by the Indian Youth.
    • steel(Regular & king size)
    • Steel It Separates Men From Boys .
    • Targeted at the youthful Rich & smooth smoker,

    With new look packaging & style.

    • Regular size of Steel has been a huge success.
    • June(Light & menthol Flavors)
    • Premium quality Virginia blend producing

    rich & pleasant characteristics.

    • June Slim has been designed meticulously to

    suit the life styles of those who like to carry thems

    • just black
    • A Flavored Filter Cigar
    • Flavors Full flavor, mild, menthol, cherry,

    Chocolate vanilla, peach, rum, raspberry,
    Sour apple, strawberry & grapes.

    • lips
    • Lips flavored cigars(in tube pack)have a sweet

    filtered tip and are loaded with flavor.

    • Each cigar is packed in its own individual plastic tube.
    • An ideal product to carry around in your pocket.
  • Vazir sultan Tobacco Industries ltd.
  • Vst
    • The company was incorporated in 1930 at Hyderabad .
    • The third largest player of Cigarette industry in India.
    • In 1984 the name of the Company was changed from The Vazir Sultan Tobacco Co. Ltd. to VST Industries Ltd.
    • The Company embarked upon a major modernization program designed to improve its competitive ability in domestic and international markets.
    • The company recorded revenues of INR3,401.7 million (approximately $84.5 million) in the fiscal year ended March 2008.
    • The Company manufactures and distributes Cigarettes The products are sold under the trade names Charminar Specials&apos , Shah I Deccan&apos , Qila&apos , High Court&apos , Vazir&apos and Ambassador&apos .
    • chArms
    • A Legendry brand of VST.
    • The taste that sets you free
    • Advertised in Lower SES

    Major brands

    • Charminar
    • A Legendry brand of VST.
    • The company has launched several variants in the Charminar portfolio.
    • Some of these are
    • Charminar Special Filter
    • Charminar Plain
    • Charminar Standard.
    • Advertised in Lower & High SES


  • Thank you

Best electronic cigarettes brands reviewed – urlen.com’s top rated e-cigs

Vogue (cigarette) – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Why Did I Start This Site?

So, my reason for starting this e cig review website was rather unique (or irritating depending upon your point of view).

I love to smoke. My neighbor always has her morning Marlboro’s but always complains about how expensive it is. Despite her old age of 73, she doesn’t really have that much money to spend these days.

Since she would rather die than quit smoking (yes, she loves smoking that much!), I convinced her instead to try out electronic cigarettes and even had a free starter kit mailed to her doorstep. After doing some research, it turns out that not only do some e cigs have the look, taste, and feel of actual cigarettes, they are MUCH CHEAPER. The best part for me though, was that its second hand smoke is much less annoying to non smokers, such as my other neighbor’s children. Since I know a lot of people who also love to smoke, and after endlessly explaining the same things over and over to my friends and co workers, I figured other smokers could use the help.

Smokers like you.

Some of you reading this might be looking to modify their habits.

Many of you might just be looking for a cheaper way to satiate your habit.

A few may just want to try something new.

Whatever your case happens to be, e cigarettes are the way to go simply because they are healthier (compared to the real thing) and depending on which brand you choose to smoke, are cheaper and similar to the actual smoking experience.

What Are The Top Brands?

Each brand on this short list has very special features unique to them. Some are better in terms of looks and durability, others pricing, and some are better suited for newer ecig vapers. I’ve reviewed each brand in full detail, which I’ve included links to. As things change, I update the information accordingly.

The top ecig, that is universally agreed upon (for now) are the Marlboro like V2 Reds. You can check them out at You can use coupon code “lemonizer” for 10% off all v2 products and products.

The next best e cig brands are (official links to their website)

  1. Bull Smoke
  2. Halo Cigs
  3. South Beach Smoke
  4. Vapor Zone

My in depth review of each top brand are listed below

  1. V2
  2. Halo G6
  3. Bull Smoke
  4. South Beach Smoke
  5. Vapor Zone

How Close Are They To The Real Thing?

Depending on what you’re looking for, the look and feel is pretty much the same as real cigarettes.

However, taste is where each e cig brand differentiates itself from each other. The following have been tasted and tried

  1. Marlboro Reds are mostly mimicked by the V2 Cig Red 18 product
  2. Tobacco flavors are mostly identical to Bull Smoke Tobacco, Vapor Zone Flavors (all)), South Beach Smoke, and Halo Tribeca products
  3. For menthol flavors, so far only South Beach Smoke Menthols has been tasted to have the actual minty alcohol flavor

The best part is, many places that ban actual cigarettes or cigars are generally accepting of ecigs, provided that you let the staff know ahead of time what they actually are and that you are somewhat a regular customer. Note some places will still ban them outright anyway so always check before whipping them out.

Are They Cheaper Than Actual E Cigs?

YES! Even if you purchase the most expensive electronic cigs on the market, you will probably save more per smoke than actual tobacco products.

Typical costs for an actual smoke from an e cig will run you anywhere from 20 cents to 60 cents for high end smokes. An actual pack of, say Marlboro’s, can easily set you back for $16 $20, or $1 $1.25 per smoke. That’s a big difference in pricing.

It also helps that since electronic cigarettes are still relatively new, there isn’t much regulation or taxation on them just yet. Sales taxes may or may not apply depending on how hungry your state or locale is for internet taxing of products, further driving down prices for you.

The cheapest starter kit for e cigs that I have found online is from Bullsmoke. Their kit for the basic parts runs at $30 only while other vendors charge $50 for the same components. For refills, if you’re doing it yourself, V2 Cigs and Halocig Smokes are hands down the cheapest long term, running as cheap as 20 cents per smoke.

I do acting on the side and I can personally tell you A LOT of people in the Hollywood industry smoke. What’s interesting is that one of my fellow co actors actually prefers Lemon Electronic Cigarettes. The best part is even though he smoked it frequently between takes, he always used the same cig and didn’t have to recharge. I couldn’t smell the vapor from it but he was able to get his fix. Win win for both of us.

Now you see why I MUCH prefer that you smoke e cigs than actual tobacco products. Cheaper, cleaner, and less noticeable to others.

How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

Vogue’s E Cig Sample Kit With Usb Charger & 12V converter, Battery Cig Case, and Refill Cartridges

A typical kit for the complete smoking experiences requires

  1. A battery recharger, often a usb or usb with normal 12v electrical socket converter.
  2. A battery holder, which is shaped like an actual cigarette and vaporizes the liquid, which is often the nicotine and tobacco or other flavor.
  3. Refill cartridges for the liquid.

The picture on the right shows a Vogue starter kit that displays the essentials you need to start smoking a new way, whether you’re looking to change how you smoke, save money, or simply trying something newer and sleeker.

The battery case may also contain an led light at the end of it to mimic the “flare up” burning action of a real cigarette, giving you that look and feel of smoking when you inhale and exhale afterwards.