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Wings is a brand of the Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation. It was first introduced to American smokers in 1929 as a popular ten cent economy brand. Later, the original dark brown label gave way to white in 1940 due to wartime ink restrictions. Around that time, the cigarette was increased to king sized.

As a subsidiary of giant British American Tobacco, Wings, along with some of B&W’s other cigarette brands were sold in Europe.

Cigarette camp edit

Camp Wings was one of the American Army camps established near Le Havre, France, in World War II. As explained in “Introducton The Cigarette Camps” at the website, The Cigarette Camps The U.S. Army Camps in the Le Havre Area 1 2

The staging area camps were named after various brands of American cigarettes the assembly area camps were named after American cities. The names of cigarettes and cities were chosen for two reasons First, and primarily, for security. Referring to the camps without an indication of their geographical location went a long way to ensuring that the enemy would not know precisely where they were. Anybody eavesdropping or listening to radio traffic would think that cigarettes were being discussed or the camp was stateside, especially regarding the city camps. Secondly, there was a subtle psychological reason, the premise being that troops heading into battle wouldn’t mind staying at a place where cigarettes must be plentiful and troops about to depart for combat would be somehow comforted in places with familiar names of cities back home (Camp Atlanta, Camp Baltimore, Camp New York, and Camp Pittsburgh, among others). By war’s end, however, all of the cigarette and city camps were devoted to departees. Many processed liberated American POWs (Prisoners of War) and some even held German POWs for a while.

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Best electronic cigarette brands

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As I write this in November of 2013, there’s said to be nearing 1,000 e cigarette brands in the USA alone. While the global number will be much higher and harder to calculate, we’re here to provide insight on as many brands as humanly possible.

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It’s something we do because we love the industry, we love the concept of a world without nasty tar and tobacco filling the air, and we are highly experienced copywriters and bloggers.

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The Top 3 E Cigarette Brands Of 2014

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Other Electronic Cigarette Brands

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Here we will list some more brands for anyone looking to research this industry a little deeper. We’re listing these e cig brands in numerical order by which we like the best, and all will link to our review

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1. V2 Cigs

2. VaporZone

3. Bull Smoke

4. Halo Cigs

5. South Beach Smoke

6. Apollo Ecigs

7. Cigavette

8. Green Smoke

9. Eversmoke

10. Vapor Couture

11. Smokeless Image

If you are looking up the best e cig brands and want a selection to choose from, you can’t go wrong with the above selection. They are all good electronic cigarette brands, and they all just have their differences.

Check out a couple different ones, as these are substantially cheaper than smoking real cigarettes, where you’ll still be saving cash if you buy more than one. Some companies such as V2, Halo and VaporZone sell their own e juice separate, so you can test each of those companies out as well.

Happy vaping, and leave us a comment on our main review post if you have a question or suggestion, thanks!