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Setting the standard for plain cigarette packaging

Plain standardised packaging means all cigarette packs will look the same. They are packaged in a standard shape without branding, design or a logo

  • Health warnings will remain
  • Brand names will be in standard type face, colour and size
  • The shape, colour and method of opening the packet will be standardised
  • The duty paid stamp will remain with covert markings that show the pack is not counterfeit
  • Cigarette packs are also standardised in size and colour

Standardised packaging would apply to all tobacco products including rolling tobacco and cigars.

Support for standard packs

In November 2013, the Government announced it would pave the way for new laws on standard packs, starting with an independent review that will look at the public health benefit of standard packs, especially for children. The outcome of the review is due in March 2014, when they will act on the findings. In February 2014, Peers and MPs also passed an amendment to the Children and Families Bill, meaning the Government can now act quickly after the review if needed. As health is a devolved issue, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have all passed Legislative Consent Motions that would mean laws for standard packs could extend to all four nations.

In the UK, the campaign for standard packs has been supported by over 200,000 people including 80,000 of our own supporters. According to a YouGov survey, 85% of all mothers and grandmothers with children under 18 believe children should not be exposed to any tobacco marketing (2013).

Elsewhere, in December 2012, Australia became the first country in the world to introduce standard packs for cigarettes. And New Zealand and the Republic of Ireland are set to follow.

How you can help

Parliament has already voted on standard packs, but now we need the Government to draw up the regulations that would make standard packs a reality. There’s two ways you can help us do this

  • Send Jeremy Hunt MP an email urging him to introduce regulations as soon as possible, once the independent review of the public health evidence for standard packs is published in March.
  • Watch and share our shocking campaign video showing how tobacco companies have gone as far as local laws allow internationally, to recruit young people as smokers.