Heres some advice for ya, most e cigs sold in stores are crap… I bought my first one at a gas station and is was crap. paid $70 for it too. Came with one battery,3 carts and 1 USB charger. rip off

I had a buddy who had a Smox brand (pronounced Smokes). They are awesome, feels just like a cigarette, tons of vapor. I ordered one and I got my in 3 days (not bad). paid $69, but there refills are cheap and they also have bottle e liquid to refill them with. Totally worth it

The best part is I e mailed them with the location of a couple stores near me and they called them and now they sell there product, so now I just go down the

Good luck man, they worked for me. Haven t smoked for almost a year. but you still have to want it, you will crave for about 2 months, just stay strong and vape your e cig, you can do it

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