CWJ said…

Paco Wove 10 10,

I&#39 ve thought the same thing on more than one occasion. If the noun is unpalatable, in this case “controls,” add a modifier to imply acceptability.

Some years ago, it made me wonder what was so unpalatable about the word “latina.”

4/26/14, 10 24 AM betamax3000 said…

Thanks Paco! Looks suspicious.

Here (fingers crossed) are the correct links to The Althouse Replacement Theory

Part One Baseball the Cover Comes Off

Part Two Dogs and Dog Whistles

Part Three Gatsby and an Indefinite Procession of Shadows

Part Four Every Picture tells a Story (Don’t it?)

Part Five Splooge Stooge Exit Stage Left

Part Six Profiles in Deception

Part Seven The Aftermath and the Asterisk

4/26/14, 10 31 AM HoodlumDoodlum said…

Ann Althouse said…
Why are children allowed to buy coffee and other caffeinated drinks?

Why are adults allowed to do things the NYT editors don&#39 t like? Embrace Control!

4/26/14, 10 57 AM Ambrose said…

“Why are children allowed to buy coffee and other caffeinated drinks?”

I am sure there would be support for some wise federal regulations here.

4/26/14, 11 04 AM MarkW said…

Sooner or later, the government has to regulate eCigs in order to protect the cigarette tax revenue stream. And, of course, it will use whatever public health pretext is necessary in order to do it.

4/26/14, 11 11 AM kcom said…

Life should be like a school field trip, shouldn&#39 t it. You should have to get nanny government&#39 s approval to do anything, with a signed permission slip as proof. Want an e cig? Go down to City Hall and fill out the form. Want to go on a hike out in the woods? Go down and get your permission slip signed. Want to go swimming? Get that permission slip or stay home. Hell, you should probably get one to have permission to cross the street that&#39 s pretty dangerous business.

Of course, if nanny government gets too busy to deal with everyone they can always farm out the work by awarding government contracts to non profit groups. So, for instance, if you want to drink a Coke you&#39 d go down to your local branch of Nanny Bloomberg&#39 s Wise Controls Emporium and get that permission slip signed by a surrogate government bureaucrat before you stopped by a grocery store or a restaurant. It&#39 s for the children, after all (which includes the 240 million infanitilized adults they&#39 re trying to produce).

4/26/14, 11 22 AM zefal said…

Translation How much in increased sales tax can finagle for public (“servant&#39 s”)welfare?

4/26/14, 11 48 AM Dr Weevil said…

realwest is naive “taxed to the point of being too expensive to smoke any more”? No, MarkW is correct cigarette taxes are calibrated “to protect the cigarette tax revenue stream”. They put them as high as they can go without seriously cutting into sales to hit the sweet spot on the Laffer Curve, where sales x taxes is a maximum. Eliminating competition that would cut into sales is part of the revenue maximizing plan.

4/26/14, 12 00 PM TMink said…

We know that e cigs lack a proven carcinogen smoke. Logic shows that they will be less dangerous than traditional cigarettes.


4/26/14, 12 17 PM sydney said…

The goal is to protect the drug company monopoly on nicotine replacement products.

4/26/14, 1 02 PM damikesc said…


Really? This is what the “Party of Science” wishes to pursue?

Simply put, e cigarettes gets people off regular cigs and Progressives need the tax revenue from regular cigs BADLY to fund their bloated social systems.

Yeah, and if anybody supports this AND legalizing pot, they are complete idiots. I support legalizing pot, which is consistent with supporting this as the lesser of two evils.

4/26/14, 1 30 PM Chuck said…

Has the Old Gray Lady pronounced on marijuana?

E cigarettes are a bit of a mystery to me, but it sure is interesting to see how the pro/con lines get drawn with E cigarettes and marijuana.

4/26/14, 1 54 PM

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