Austin, TX (SBWIRE) 04/29/2014 The V2 Cigs has for a long time been considered by many users to be one of the top makers of high quality electronic cigarette starter kit products around. They have been making products for a long time and V2 has garnered a reputation for making high quality vaping products. Their latest offering is the V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit which is currently being placed on offer at a reduced price but only temporarily. This highly rated electronic cigarette starter kit is seen by many in the industry as being one of the best on the market and with this offer, buyers can save $30 off the price.

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According to many experts what makes V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit such a popular hit is it allows the vaper to try get the best out of their experience with electronic cigarette starter kits. This Highly Demanded Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit comes with many popular accessories and. It is for a long time been considered by many to be the perfect choice for those that are looking for the best way to make a statement with the best smokeless cigarette kit. As usual V2 Cigs embraces the whole notion of customization as the Ultimate Kit comes with up to 5 delicious vapor cigarette flavors. This highly popular electric cigarette starter kit also comes with a wide variety of nicotine strengths and battery choices in terms of battery color, style and length.

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There are V2 Cigs accessories that are included with this kit such as a more powerful 2 amp Car Adapter, the V2 Smart Charger as well as a Metal Carry Case. It also comes with a V2 Lanyard for the ease of convenience in carrying the vapor cigarette. The Portable Charging Case XL has been rated by many users as one of the best means of carrying and storing e cigarettes in a convenient manner.

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