Factor 1 Starter Kit Price How Important is it?

While a high starter kit price does not necessarily translate into the best product, you still don’t want to find one that is too cheap. Typically, the electronic cigarettes that cost well under $100 are not made with excellent quality. And quality is important after all, because not only should an electronic cigarette be durable for carrying wherever you go, but it should also have the capacity to withstand frequent heating and cooling over a period of years. Thus staying within the $100 $200 range for a starter kit greatly enhances your chances of buying a good quality device. As an aside, make sure the kit comes with a carrying case to conveniently carry batteries and cartridges, and for protection during travel. The electronic cigarette review table at illustrates just how starter kit prices can indicate these products’ quality.

Factor 2 Battery Quality What You Must Know!

Another important factor to weigh is battery quality. In your research you will find that electronic cigarette reviews frequently praise or complain about battery problems. While battery life and lifetime are common issues with all electronic devices, they are especially important with electronic cigarettes because they are both small and used on a very regular basis. To protect yourself against buying such an inferior product, look for electronic cigarette reviews mentioning companies that recently updated or upgraded their battery. Such companies not only have the best quality batteries, but having made recent improvements, they demonstrate a commitment to customer service too. And of course, make sure the electronic cigarette review contains specific information on the company’s money back guarantee and a warranty policies.

Factor 3 Replacement Cartridge Price How do You Tell True Value?

Because most of your money in the long run when you buy electronic cigarettes will be on the replacement cartridges, this is a very important factor to look at. But this may not be as easy as it sounds. Most electronic cigarette companies offer very similar prices on cartridges, but the cartridges themselves may last anywhere from 1 to 5 packs of traditional cigarettes. While these types of statistics are not easily found, each full electronic cigarette review at (linked on the left panel of the homepage) has a per smoke, replacement cartridge cost breakdown. Use tables like these to determine the best electronic cigarette for your money. Review the other factors and you will have your answer!

E cigarette reviews – top 10 electronic cigarettes rated by consumers

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Pure Cigs ReviewsBased on Editor Review

I was a little skeptical about the Pure Cigs Electronic Cigarettes. They are a newer brand and in my experience some of the newer brands still have some glitches that need to be worked out. However I was looking for a brand of reasonably priced electronic cigarettes that I could give as a gift to someone, and not only were the Pure Cigs Electronic Cigarettes very reasonably priced, but they were also supposed to be very similar to the V2 Cigs which is my brand.

You know what I most liked about the Pure Cig? The battery. I ve been using V2 Cigs for a couple of years, and having used the Pure Cigs Electronic Cigarette the battery alone has me thinking about making a permanent change. This battery never seems to run out of juice. It runs more than 3X s longer than the V2 cig batteries. I was also very impressed with the locking mechanism on the battery. The lock meant I didn t have to worry about the e cig turning on when I had it in my pants pocket.

Price $19.99