Vending machines have gone through significant changes and innovations. Many machines are evolving to accept credit cards and companies are now able to monitor a machine’s state from afar.

Classic gumball machines led to people packaging items in small capsules that can be dispensed one at a time from such machines. Larger capsules can be dispensed by claw crane machines.

While most vending machines cannot be stacked on top of each other, the Gacha and Gashapon capsule toys vending machines are designed to operate while stacked on a countertop.

John Greenwick of the Greenway company is a former Mars Electronics employee and former product manager of the first ever bill acceptor. According to him, the industry saw a need for the ability to standardize the acceptance of coins and currency on a global basis. As such, a standard known as MDB (Multi Drop Bus) was invented. This allows for machines around the world to utilize the same bill acceptor and coin changer devices with an international specification.

Doug M. Sanford of Vending Times notes that “many vendors today do not remember the urgency with which industry leaders called on their peers to install coin mechanisms that held the patron’s money in escrow until the vend was made to post a telephone number that a customer could call to report a failure and request a refund to make sure their drivers were cleaning the machines adequately and replacing burnt out lamps and so on and on”. More recent innovations include improved coin and bill validation and the rapid adoption of sense and feedback systems to verify that the vend was made.

According to Michael Kasavana, National Automatic Merchandising Association at Michigan State University, the advent of reliable, affordable wireless technology has made telemetry practical and provided the medium through which cashless payments can be authenticated. citation needed Research shows that 50% of consumers will not purchase from a vending machine if its “Use exact change only” light is on. citation needed Machines with telemetry can transmit sales and inventory data to a route truck in the parking lot so that the driver knows what products to bring in for restocking. Or the data can be transmitted to a remote headquarters for use in scheduling a route stop, detecting component failure or verifying collection information.

Many telemetry technology providers are competing for the standard as the market tests different vending machine setups. citation needed Based on early documentation, digital telemetry communication for stocking and Credit Card style payment systems saves up to 40% of the carbon emissions over standard human monitored, and mechanical change systems. citation needed

Another innovation is self service, standalone Automated Retail stores, for example with a touchscreen. Once a product is purchased the robotic arm delivers it into the pickup box and charges the consumer’s credit card.

In the area of service vending machines other innovations include internet kiosks and DVD vending. Cashless vending now allows consumers to use debit cards or precharged “keys” such as the U Key for added convenience. Vending is a multi billion dollar industry.

To prevent injuries or death from tipping or striking the machine, most modern snack vending machines equipped with spirals to hold products contain lasers near the access door at the bottom. If a purchased item does not break the laser beam when falling, the spirals will automatically turn, usually three times to ensure that a product will fall. If this still does not occur, the customer will be asked to make another selection or will be refunded their money.

Off grid fuel cell based vending machines with swappable hydrogen storage tanks are entering the market. 21

Cashless payments will soon be on many vending machines in the near future. The majority of vending machine operators plan to add credit card swipers to their machines in 2011, according to a study by Apriva, wireless transaction services company. About 57 percent of companies surveyed by Apriva said they planned to expand the number of their machines outfitted with card swipers. 22

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Post by spikus on Apr 29, 2014 22 27 06 GMT Apr 29, 2014 18 15 21 GMT Clivia said Apr 29, 2014 18 05 19 GMT yinyang said That sounds like a short, probably in the switch. thanks again so faulty switch then? fortunately I did not spend much money on it Do not give up Clivia , I’ve been using my one since it arrived non stop without any issues … There is very little that can go wrong on these … Worth persevering with … Start at the top and work down .. Separate all the parts … Make sure the switch assembly is firmly screwed together and that you have a fully charged battery with clean / un damaged contacts ..

Make sure you have an attie that works .. If it has an adjustable centre pin try and get it so it just protrudes a little bit from the base.
Screw attie on to top cap and then screw the adjustable top cap centre pin in firmly so it makes good contact with attie centre pin.( this is where most of the teething issues are )
Screw chosen battery tube on …
Insert battery…
Screw on switch assembly …

it should then work …

Honestly .. The original design was that good it would take a genius to build in a fault that wasn’t obvious … I’m sure you will get it working …. 95% of the time it’s all about the attie / centre pin contact

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