1, mild the the seven tar content 6mg, Nicotine 0.5mg This smoke is very popular, it seems.

Many rebellious woman writer&#39 s pen its shadow.

The nice packaging listen mix of white and blue.

It has been jokingly said “I am very mild, but I do not seven.” Said, mild state is a state of life, a gentle grade.

Like him, but because that person had used this brand relationship.

7mg, Nicotine 0.5mg of tar content of davidoff (light), I used to think Davidoff is the name of the record company, and then I also included the production of perfume and other luxury.

The first time I know it is a very character of senior sister apprentice in pumping this smoke.

Is important to explain to her model figure, handsome style, openly gay, courageous.

So hooked smoke.

In the ranks of the white filter, which is more flavoursome a unlike mild seven as pale and uninteresting.

3, kent amount of tar 5mg, Nicotine 0.5mg.

Kent ads are doing very good, always kind of sun, sea, the feel of the breeze, the ban on cigarette advertising, it can always change with another way to sell their own cigarettes.


This kind of packing single white with blue side personally think better than mild seven of design, simple and elegant, I like the minimalist style.

But the taste seems to pale point for now for me.

Sometimes downright boring like pumping paper.

Of course, in the beginning stage of smoking, which is a good choice.

4, salem tar content 6mg Nicotine 0.5mg also a very light taste, plus some cool mint, So, if sober, I always choose this smoke.

White, green foreign joint design, perhaps because of the contain mint relationship.

More general, we should have tried.

5, sobranie someone introduced, the Chinese name is really nasty, called Sobranie, the soil was not.

Good was beautiful the cigarette equivalent you see a beautiful name actually called Greenwood as unpleasant to get hold of such was the name.

Divided into two types, green with mint, called mint (peppermint mean, translated as celebrities), pink was the original flavor, called pink (is pink mean, but translated into Chinese, Painting, can also be right, finally a little literally means beautiful).

Smoke a little lanky body diameter should be two matches bone.

This advantage can be pumping less with Ms.

elegant slender fingers, Sharp is good looking.

Two kinds, or celebrities good snapshot itself tar content 5mg, 0.5mg nicotine, belongs to a relatively light taste, added mint flavored.

With Sharon but this is not quite the same, perhaps drunk teach fine filter makes the taste slowly break through the tight encirclement before reaching the mouth, the appropriate concentration of gathered that comes out after the maximum compare intoxicating.

Caprit tar content 8mg Nicotine 0.6mg Chinese Ming Kabi, outside the closed white, like flowers swaying symbol pattern I see feeling a leisurely morphological manifestations of a charm self confidence.

Much like today&#39 s young urban woman&#39 s status.

Ex boyfriend had recommended this, but now he is so stubborn people, so rebellious, but more because he recommended do not like to go to trial.

After breaking up the chance to buy a pack, and competing love with this smoke.

Like this smoke inlet chamber, there will be a sweet light scent Road to stay between the nasal and oral linger.

Ultrafine smoke body diameter of only a half match bone length, is the finest I&#39 ve seen the smoke.

7 mole deep green soft box, brown slender smoke itself, no matter how I look like chocolate bars, just get up one day to see the cigarette butts in the ashtray that where so many chocolate between the bleary eyed.

Mole taste bitter, so smoked a pack did not try.

The dj (Love d) is the most special of cigarettes I&#39 ve ever seen.

White, yellow box, ordinary size cigarette itself, lemon, strawberry several flavors! This way are not like the feeling of smoking, but something like a lollipop.

9, Yves Saint Laurent, which I most do not like cigarettes, but several of my friends liked.

With understanding a lot of girls from this cigarette misty life.

The taste is slightly bitter, and suck the longer nose.

In fact, I think it is more suitable for men to prefer a light taste.

&#39 ve Really admired person, he had a soft spot for this cigarette.

So far very good impression of men like to suck “Yves Saint Laurent” requirements are high, the details of their lives and enjoy the family.

Completely individualistic color is very rich.

But this is only my personal opinion.

It is invaded and occupied many woman&#39 s heart.

10,520 due to some kind of “contempt” of South Korea, so some degree of “contempt” of this section cigarettes.

But to be humble some say, this cigarette is very suitable for female Hounslow Miou and Juliet five pack a small cigar fruit taste Ms.

cigarettes three flavors to choose from strawberry, apple, lemon.

Davidoff LIGHTS SLIMS ultrafine Ms.

cigarettes salem mint flavor cigarettes Dutch BLACK DEVIL (black devil) creamy taste of cigarettes, incense people Ms.

to not stand SOBRANIE Sobranie cigarettes hard box cigarette flavors of Korea FIGO two flavors SLIM floral series Regular SEVEN STARS of cigarettes the Qixing cigarettes Sobranie British Gallaher Limited famous brand, its name Ms.

cigarettes, there are two pink and green mint installed Taiwan 520 / British 555/DJ mix / YSL Yves Saint Laurent / ESSE love hi / Mild seven Seven Star / CAPRI Capri / Dunhill Dunhill / Sobranie Sobranie / Marlboro Marlboro / France Cartier / More mole Korea, New Year, red green two packaging Ms.

love hi are slender type DJ MIX fruit flavor.

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