West cigarettes are pioneers in the market of European tobacco products. The brand quickly gained popularity thanks to the original bouquet of flavors and aromas, which is distinguished by the astringency and thick white smoke of classic European cigarettes.

Unlike the traditional European tobacco blend, the main share of which belongs to Virginia tobacco, West chose the North American format, led by a mixture of “American Blend”.

Successful combination of Burley, Oriental varieties with Virginia share, prepared by freezing, allowed the company-manufacturer Reemtsma to successfully wedge into the European market and win an impressive part of smokers.

To date, West cigarettes are sold in 90 countries, but the start of sales of the original brand is 1981, when they first appeared on the shelves of tobacco shops in Germany. A powerful advertising campaign, accompanying the appearance of the brand, quickly elevated it to the rank of the most sought-after and bought in Germany.

The advertising slogans: “Let’s Go West!” And “Test the West!”, the focus on the youth audience, expressive taste and affordable price in comparison with competitors made the brand famous far beyond Germany.

In 1986, the brand successfully expanded the sales sector to the countries of Eastern and Central Europe. Inexpensive cigarettes with the classic American Blend tobacco blend are especially popular in Russia, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, where they are sold to the present day. In 2000, the brand surprised the market with a number of innovative technologies.

All West cigarettes have received a unique Streamtec filter-propeller, combining a carbon-acetate filter, cleansing smoke from cyanide, benzene and nitrogen and special scatter in the form of blades, through which the smoke pockets evenly fill the lungs of the smoker, allowing you to fully feel the rich taste of German cigarettes.

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reliable tobacco quality
reasonable prices

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