When we started in 2009, we only had a few bucks, an intense passion and one goal to help adult smokers take back their freedom. Most people had never even heard of electronic cigarettes and viewed them as a novelty. Today, you can find blu e cigarettes on TV, in magazines and in smokers’ hands everywhere.

Because we’re passionate, we’ve attracted passionate customers. Consequently, we’re always asking ourselves, “If we don’t like it, why would you?” Whether it’s through our product innovations or our customer service, we work to see things from your viewpoint.

Will we make mistakes? Yes, but we aren’t afraid to admit when we do. In the end, that’s what continuously makes us better. That’s what ensures never ending improvement.

As it was when we started, so it is now Freedom, passion and the courage to do something that hasn’t been done before are still the driving forces behind what we do.

After all, that’s what the blu Nation is all about.

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