Parliament luxury brand is made by Philip Morris International since 1931. The brand was launched as a superb quality tobacco product for wealthy smokers who tend to pay more to have an outstanding product. Parliament cigarettes are equipped with recessed filter system which cools down the smoke, making it safer. Parliament comes in several strength and length styles.

Davidoff This legendary tobacco product is currently manufactured by Imperial Tobacco Co., which acquired Davidoff brand several years ago. Davidoff cigarettes are a fabulous combination of intense flavor and a superior quality, turning the process of smoking into an unforgettable experience. Davidoff is offered in seven exclusive varieties satisfying the needs of every smoker.

Kent is the top selling premium brand of British American Tobacco. Kent is selling in more than 50 markets around the world and is a best selling brand in premium segment in many European countries. One of the most innovative tobacco products, Kent was the first brand to launch Nanotek style cigs, king size slim cigarettes oriented for women smokers.

Mid value category

Marlboro Marlboro needs no advertising or introduction, as it is the best selling product ever sold by tobacco industry. The only thing that has to be mentioned is that though European shops don’t offer many styles of this legendary brand, still among the existing assortment there are several great styles as slim and delicate Marlboro Gold Edge or innovative Marlboro Filter Plus.

Camel the legendary brand of Japan Tobacco International, which markets it outside of the U.S., Camel is one of the most recognized tobacco products across the industry. Moreover, Camel is one of few tobacco products that keep growing in the global tobacco market. Camel is generally selling in three classic styles full flavor, light and ultra lights.

Winston Outside of the U.S. Winston is made by Japan Tobacco International and is the second most popular cigarette brand across the globe. Winston cigarettes are characterized by a slower time of burning, outstanding quality, bracing taste and charming aroma. Winston is usually offered in 5 10 different styles.

Low value category

Bond this low cost product is made by Philip Morris International. Bond provides a great quality product with nice flavor for a moderate cost. In addition, it has a wide assortment, so every smoker can find its perfect Bond smoke.

Red & White another low cost cigarette brand manufactured by Philip Morris International. Red & White is a young product, but it has already won the trust of many adult smokers thanks to its superb quality, a must for each Philip Morris’ product.

Monte Carlo this brand is manufactured by Japan Tobacco International. It is the third best selling product in this market segment, and its popularity is growing constantly, as smokers like its light and invigorating taste and reduced price.

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