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Millions have quit or just switched or switched part time to electronic cigarettes. Many are proclaiming publicly about e cigarette’s virtures. How many times have you heard anyone just raving about Chantix , nicotine gum, or nicotine lozenge? Many are raving about how they quit smoking cigarettes using electronic cigarette after decades of habit. Not looking to quit? Then just switch to a better, safer alternative.

E Cigarettes were invented by a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003 and introduced to the market the following year (Wikipedia, ND). According to the same article, the company company he worked for began exporting e cigarettes in 2005. Dr. Lik invented electronic cigarettes as he watched his beloved father stricken with lung cancer from smoking cigarettes and decided to try to help people quit smoking cigarettes. We are here to help extend his vision of helping smokers reduce their exposure to harm by offering the best e cigarette brand at the lowest prices.

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Benefits of Electric Cigarettee

    • No smelly smoke that can irritate your eyes and stain everything in your house, car, and clothes with a thin film of sticky, nasty stuff
    • No tar so your lungs stay cleaner and healthier
    • No myriad of noxious, cancerous chemicals going into your lungs then through your entire system
    • Doesn’t stink, doesn’t make you stink, doesn’t make your breath stink
    • Can smoke virtually anywhere when permitted, although many are starting to treat e cig as cigarettes from pure ignorance
      Cheap, a lot cheaper than cigarettes
    • Costs as much or less than a carton of cigarettes to get you completely started and fully set up!
    • Saves you hundreds of dollars each yearprobably a lot more
    • eSmoke indoor and not stink up your house or clothes
      Won’t stain your teeth yellow
    • No discoloration of skin or clothes
    • Doesn’t contribute to periodontal disease or bad breath
  • Much Much More!

Often people claim to have felt better within a couple of weeks of switching using electronic cigarette. Ever look at the filter of your cigarette when you are about to butt it out? Notice how brown to black it is? That is what is being put into your lungs and accumulating. We often ignore it and after 10 or 20 years, we have become pros at ignoring it. There is none of that tar with e cigarette. None of the noxiuous chemicals that hardens your skin and produces more wrinkles. Advanced refillable electric cigarettes from Sin City gives the sensation of smoking without the drawbacks. The e liquid or e juice that is used to deliver the e smoking sensation can be purchase in varying strengths and flavor.

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Come join millions who have already swithed to electronic smoking devices or personal vapors. Over 4 million people have switched to electric cigarette or e smoke in the USA alone. More and more are switching everyday. People are like you are realizing esmokes can give you the pleasure and sensation of real smoking experience (to a certain point it’s not exactly the same one actually burns leaves and chemicals and the other gives off a super fine mist of slightly warm vapor) without the all dangers of cigarettes.

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Remember twist cigarettes? lemon flavored brand was test-marketed in peoria in the 70s – minding business – journal star –

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Cigarettes have always assaulted our senses in a lot of ways beyond the bad smell of cigarette smoke.

For one thing, they never stop trying to establish brand distinction. Over the years, trends included special filters (Kent’s Micronite filter actually contained strands of asbestos when launched in 1954), length (Benson and Hedges 100s), menthol (Kools hit the market in 1933) and flavors (banned in 2009).

Being the historic test market that it is, Peoria may have had the first shot at Twist, a lemon flavored menthol cigarette, back in the 1970s. A recent Facebook posting recalled the brand with a number of folks recounting their experiences with the product.

On the subject of cigarettes, it’s interesting that, once again, it’s China that steals the show these days. (In this case, they can have it). China is the world’s largest tobacco producer and tobacco consumer, home to one quarter of the world s smokers while consuming a third of the world s cigarettes.

China has three times the number of smokers in the United States so my guess is that the next time your friendly neighborhood tobacco company wants to test market a brand, it won’t be on the streets of Peoria but in Changdu or Nanjing.