cigarettesDunhill is a luxury brand of cigarettes of the British American Tobacco company. All Dunhill cigarettes are a luxury. They are available in the series: Dunhill King Size and Dunhill International. Dunhill International was formerly named as the Dunhill Red Gold.

The traditions of Dunhill Tobacco House originated in 1907 when Alfred Dunhill founded his company in Duke Street Street in the prestigious London district of Saint James. A tobacco shop offered a wide range of blends of different types and tobacco sorts, cigars of the best sorts. At the beginning of the XX century, the clubs for real men in Saint James began to appear. Among the frequent customers, the representatives of high society of Britain appeared. The first cigarettes, which packaging bore the Dunhill name appeared in 1912. And in 1965, the Dunhill King Size brand was launched.

In 1999, the British American Tobacco announced the merging with Rothmans International, the brand Dunhill was transferred to the British American Tobacco. The company, which is often known as the BAT, has been successfully working in the tobacco industry for over 100 years, and conducts its business despite all periods of revolutions, wars and privatizations.

The business was opened in 1902 and was a joint venture of the UK Imperial Tobacco Company and the American Tobacco Company Corporation, which was founded by James Buck Duke. Despite the name, which was derived from combining the names of two companies, British American Tobacco Company was founded for trading outside America and the United Kingdom.

It founded subsidiaries in Latin America, Asia, Africa and continental Europe.

The Dunhill cigarettes are recognizable due to aroma of fresh tobacco, mixed with complex scents. With a spicy aroma and a little share of sweets, they smell like a real tobacco. The undiluted and pure tobacco flavor in this brand of cigarettes is an easily identifiable feature.

In the US, the most popular brands are the Dunhill international Blue (USA) and Dunhill international Red (USA).

In Europe the most popular ones are:

Dunhill Light (England);
Dunhill Lights Fine Cut Dark Blue (EU);
Dunhill Lights Fine Cut Dark Blue (Netherlands).

But Dunhill International (England) stands out. These cigarettes are packaged into deluxe luxury boxes with a gold Dunhill logo, which appearance signifies a respectable smoker.