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The cost of a pack of cigarettes, state by state

Marlboro advertising to communicate appropriately
Sarah Jampel July 12th, 2013

Each year, we check the prices of cigarettes in each state. (2012 2011.) This year’s results are in!

Smokers, flee New York City and head to Kentucky, where a pack of Marlboro Reds will cost you practically a third of what you re paying now. And while you re on the road, steer clear of New Hampshire and Vermont, too the price for a pack has jumped 35% and 25%, respectively, over the past year.

We called a gas station and oftentimes, when we were turned away or simply misunderstood, we called several in the most populous city of every state in the nation and Washington D.C. and asked the clerk for the price of a pack of Marlboro Red cigarettes including tax. (Obviously, local prices will vary some.)

Here s the current price, in bold, and also how the prices of cigarettes have changed since last summer.

48. Kentucky (last year $6.56) $4.96 24%

47. North Dakota ($5.03) $5.04 .2%

46. West Virginia ($4.84) $5.07 5%

45. Oklahoma ($5.24) $5.19 .1%

44. Idaho ($5.11) $5.25 3%

43. Missouri ($5.87) $5.25 10%

42. Louisiana ($6.50) $5.33 18%

41. Oregon ($5.74) $5.35 7%

40. Wyoming ($5.21) $5.37 3%

39. Mississippi ($5.55) $5.45 2%

38. Nevada ($6.04) $5.50 9%

37. South Carolina ($6.25) $5.55 11%

36. Colorado ($5.19) $5.59 8%

35. Indiana ($5.56) $5.77 4%

34. Alabama ($5.18) $5.80 12%

33. Virginia ($5.43) $5.81 7%

32. Ohio ($5.67) $5.88 4%

31. Tennessee ($4.91) $5.89 20%

30. Georgia ($5.93) $5.93 0%

29. Minnesota ($5.96) $5.95 .2%

28. Florida ($6.29), Delaware ($6.10) $6.00 5%, 2%

27. North Carolina ($5.14) $6.03 17%

26. Nebraska ($5.99) $6.09 2%

25. Kansas ($6.47) $6.21 4%

24. Montana ($6.12) $6.25 2%

23. Arkansas ($7.10) $6.50 8%

22. New Hampshire ($4.86) $6.59 35%

21. Utah ($6.88) $6.64 3%

20. California ($6.45), South Dakota ($6.82) $6.77 5%, .7%

19. New Mexico ($6.69) $6.91 3%

18. Michigan ($6.50), Pennsylvania ($6.93) $6.95 7%, .3%

17. Maine ($6.97) $7.12 2%

16. Texas ($6.89) $7.24 5%

15. Iowa ($7.52) $7.25 4%

14. D.C. ($8.27) $7.89 5%

13. Maryland ($6.53) $7.93 21%

12. Wisconsin ($7.98) $8.11 2%

11. Washington ($8.98) $8.31 7%

10. New Jersey ($8.00) $8.55 7%

9. Massachusetts ($8.49) $8.77 3%

8. Connecticut ($8.85) $9.30 5%

7. Vermont ($7.60) $9.52 25%

6. Rhode Island ($8.16) $9.56 17%

5. Alaska ($9.39) $9.59 2%

4. Arizona ($7.46) $9.65 29%

3. Hawaii ($10.22) $9.68 5%

2. Illinois ($10.25) $11.59 13%

1. New York ($12.50) $14.50 16%

Sarah Jampel is an Awl summer reporter.