We present you the Heatsticks Australia promotions led by our online shop.

How can it work?

The sticks are passed on in packs of 20 pieces each, and those accordingly are packaged in a unit of 10 pieces. Remotely, the sticks look like short cigarettes. They are encompassed by white tobacco paper and have a channel. To start a smoking session, you need to insert the stick channel up into the holder IQOS.

What do we pay attention to in our Heatsticks Australia promotions?

The sticks use whole bended tobacco leaves, which are impregnated with propylene glycol-based disintegrated. Multistage channel: The package between the key bit of the channel tobacco. Required all together not to miss the hazardous particles.

The crucial part is made of biodegradable polylactide and polymer film. They are conveyed from endless resources, for instance, sugar stick and starch. This section is used to warmth and release tobacco fume. This in like manner incorporated a string impregnated with menthol game plan.

Cellulose acidic corrosive inference channel, as in like manner cigarettes.


Release of hazardous substances doesn’t surpass 90-95% or even less. You can use IQOS in open spots, as the fume from the warming of the sticks dissipates quickly and leaves no smell. The sticks are nonessential, so that after the completion of the smoking session, the used stick must be hurled into the waste.
While using HEETS, we rapidly pull in thought with respect to the non-appearance of stains that is brought about by using sticks.

After the use of this stick had become a pattern, the maker concentrated on its middle part. Now and again, there is a development of use of these sticks offered by the Parliament when a delicate part gets strong. HEETS is undeniably not expected for everyone. In spite of the way that, for the people who are changing to the advancement of warming tobacco, they will constantly turn into a decision.

The essential utilization of this advancement is the ease of tobacco utilization and change of conduct.

The hazard is reduced. There is no threat to get into impulse to restart smoking.

Individuals will utilize more secure and agreeable warmth sticks rather than common tobacco cigarettes.

No danger of want to feel a typical cigarette in a hand.

No fruity scents will deceive and push back to regular tobacco utilization.