kent_hd_futuraKent cigarettes are a brand of cigarettes, created in the US in 1952 and named after Herbert Kent, a former president of Lorillard Tobacco. Initially, Kent cigarettes were positioned as light cigarette.

At the peak of their popularity, these cigarettes have become popular in such a way that in some countries, Kent packs were exchanged for food and other supplies.

After publishing of a series of articles in 1952 about the impact of cigarettes on the formation of malignant diseases, American community got concerned and smokers gave their preferences to a small number of brands of cigarettes with filter, and in that time only Viceroy brand was produced with the filter.

Between1952 and 1956, there was observed fatally high concentrations of asbestos in Kent cigarettes, although they were considered light cigarettes.

After the release of articles and research findings that asbestos is deadly for health, the company developed a micronite filter for Kent brand.

In 1970-es the brand was acquired by British American Tobacco, that tried to make cigarettes Kent competitor Marlboro, but its plans have collapsed, giving way to the popularity of Winston, the Camel and Lucky Strike on the international market.

Two decades later the company faced a dilemma – either to stop production of these cigarettes or breathe in a new life into them, and since that moment there began a new life of cigarettes.

BAT launched the production of this brand under a new name and design. So there was Kent HD, becoming a legend of the international tobacco industry.

In 2008, BAT Kent Nanotek presented in a new format as Compact King Size. Cigarettes of this format were 83 mm long and 5 mm wide, elegant and concise, and came to taste of both women and men. This brand of cigarettes just blew up the US market.

Today, the development and rebranding have made significant changes to the perspective of Kent cigarette brand, so that they are available in a wide range.

In 2011, BAT introduced another innovation – Kent Convertibles, capsules with the taste of menthol, which became a breakthrough in the market. This brand of cigarettes is popular due to the fact that cheapness is combined with real tobacco taste and the concept that they are available to everyone.

Today, Kent cigarettes are the best-selling cigarette brand in the tobacco industry in the premium sector, holding positions in more than 10 global markets. Everything that was discussed about Kent cigarettes in more than 60 years is true, though: these cigarettes are synonymous with luxury quality.