benson&hedges_smoothBenson and Hedges cigarettes showed up in the market since their first generation in 1873 when the company Benson and Hedges Ltd. was established.

The company name originated from the names of its both founders Richard Benson and William Hedges. The branded cigarettes were then distributed in the United Kingdom, yet their prominence quickly spread outside the UK.

After the end of the nineteenth century, the company chiefs had effectively chosen to advance their business in the USA and Canada. In 1958, the American subsidiary was purchased by Phillip Morris, who likewise bought the Canadian branch in 1960.

The British obedient of the Benson and Hedges Ltd. was acquired by Gallagher Limited, an auxiliary of Japan Tobacco in 1955.

These days, Benson and Hedges are provincially promoted by both these two companies.

The Benson and Hedges cigarettes are useful for the individuals, who incline toward solid and full-fragrance cigarettes.

They are firstly fabricated from Virginia Tobacco sorts, which flavor is outstanding to every accomplished smoker since the nineteenth century. An imperative question for experienced smokers is the brand assortment. Here, we need to firstly mention the Benson and Hedges Gold. These cigarettes astound smokers after the principal look at their gold-hued packs. The customer’s agreeable viewpoint and slight touch of the coasting pack surface with 20 cigarettes inside, is it insufficient for the principal appearance to any subjective cigarettes?

In any case, they have a good stuff, including nicotine (0.9 mg), tar (10 mg), and carbon monoxide (10 mg). These are power cigarettes for intense individuals! The stuff with 0.1mg lesser substance of tar and nicotine shapes the Benson and Hedges Silver.

These cigarettes are menthol-based. Buyers, who have not tried these cigarettes yet, will without a doubt like the solid and at the same time breath-refreshing tobacco taste. The enhanced state of mind and roused breath, do they not frame an immaculate picture if taken together?

As we definitely know, there are distinctive bundles for the Gold and Silver variations of Benson and Hedges cigarettes.

Since 2010, Benson and Hedges are utilizing the Edge pack. This is an improved box plan with half-adjusted edges. Try not to pass another bundling pattern!

On the off chance that you are occupied with the total assortment of Benson and Hedges, you will locate a whole rundown in the UK:


Gold Bond;

Virginia Red;

Virginia Blue;

Menthol-based Green.

Find them for yourself and check, what variation might be your own decision.