This is the excellent taste, high quality of tobacco and the unusual approach of the manufacturer to the manufacturing process.
Manufacturing of Richmond cigarettes begins with the formulation of tobacco composition. The exact prescription is kept secret, but it is precisely known that a mixture of 22 types of tobacco from 5 continents is used to obtain a unique flavor. It is bought in Brazil, India, Argentina, Turkey and other countries that are known for qualitative tobacco products to buy cheap cigarettes.

The next step is to mix all the ingredients in strict proportions. Owing to it, the cigarette smoke is not bitter and leaves a pleasant, sweet, long-lasting aftertaste.
The process of twisting cigarettes is only partially mechanized what allows to preserve the traditions of making of tobacco products. Raw material is wrapped in a brown shell that is made from reconstituted tobacco. The filter is inserted at the end.
Richmond products can be divided into two groups by flavor and strength to buy cheap cigarettes.
Cherry with rum. This taste is unique and the competitors of the corporation do not have similar options. Lovers note that the Richmonds differ from other cigarettes with cherry taste by depth and unusual aftertaste.

Coffee. Another original invention of the company Richmond. An unusual quality flavor and a complete lack of contenders create an aura of mystery around these cigarettes.
Vanilla. The proof that Richmond aroma occupies a leading position in the market not only because of unusual flavors, but also due to the quality of its products. Many brands (like the same eminent queen) produce cigarettes with vanilla flavor, but smokers still often choose Richmond Royal.
Chocolate. Another classic additive, which has competitors in the form of eminent cigarillos Captain Black. The fact that the aroma cigarettes stand the onslaught of such a strong rival makes them at least worthy of attention.