From the moment the first electronic cigarette was built until today, its structure and design evolved a lot. Probably because there are so many manufacturers, today you can choose from multiple types of e cigarettes, liquids and kits, making the whole buying decision much more difficult. That is exactly why we decided to start Which Ecigarette sharing our opinions about the kits we tested and help you do an informed purchase of a product.

That’s how the Top 10 best e cigarettes was born, a section of our site where you can find the most appreciated ten brands according to our editors’ and our fans’ opinion. In this process we personally test each product, from unpacking the kit, to using it, recharging and do its maintenance work. Then we rate each characteristic, such as the battery life, the vapors quantity, the persistence of the flavors or how helpful is the customer service, and the results are displayed on each review as “Editors’ rating”. Every product is used by each of our testers, and each one of them rates it, that’s why you can be sure that the presence of a kit in the Top 10 is the result of it being appreciated by everyone. For this section we also listen to your opinion, and you’ll see that from the fact that by voting one brand you will immediately improve or decrease its score.

If for some brands you won’t see the name of the kit clearly stated, you must know that we generally tested the starter kit, usually the most affordable package that gives you everything you need for starting vaping and allows us to properly understand how good one package is built. Along with the rating, we’ll write a concise article describing the whole experience, this way being sure that you’ll understand what made us give each rating.

One thing you must understand about the Top 10 ultimate brands is that it doesn’t follow anyone’s personal opinion and it is in a constant movement, so if you don’t agree, please submit your opinion. We also communicate with each brand’s support team, and tell them about the features you’d like for the future electronic cigarettes, so good communication with us could be the way to get what you want. Follow the Top 10 category for new entries, see how appreciated each brand is and how satisfied its customers are, and don’t forget to order your favorite electronic cigarette.

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