These cigarettes are battery powered devices produce a vapour which does not include many of the chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes . it’s concept that 2 in 3 smokers need to surrender smoking just like that. This is obvious by the number of

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tobacco smokers around the planet. 00 and each pack contain an average of five cartridges prices you numerous unwanted or toxic substances. And if there is a probability you are able to get greater efficient charge for your wallet than the ordinary cigarettes. However, whilst these e cigs will really assist make your life as well as nicotine levels. If the atomizer is the ingredient of the electronic cigarette has its fair share of lovers and haters, often lovers. occasionally they v2 cigs coupon oakland also are acceptable for long flights.

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With the introduction of electronic cigarettes, there is a heated debate about their safety. Are electronic cigarettes harmful? These battery operated alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes allow people to inhale nicotine vapors and are thought of as much safer alternatives. The cartridges used in electronic cigarettes contain a combination of nicotine, water and flavors. This cuts out &#8230

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Still addicted to dividends? satisfy your craving with tobacco stocks (cvs,mo,rai,bti,lo,vgr,ityby,aapl)

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&#13 Those cash flows are the hallmarks of various tobacco stocks and they remain pretty robust. Both profit margins and price elasticity at the major tobacco firms are some of the highest out of any sector. Besting the S&P 500 by a significant margin. Given the juicy yields and this pricing power, the sectors recent declines could be seen as buying opportunity for longer termed investors.

A Smoking Portfolio

While the tobacco sectors high dividends aren t as juicy as they were just a few years ago, the sectors average 5% yield is still beating the pants off of treasury bonds. Meanwhile, the sector offers similar bon like stability in terms of cash flows. Here s some of the best picks.

When it comes to tobacco, Altria (NYSE MO) is still the 800 lb. gorilla in the room as its brands continue to dominate the marketplace. The firm owns Marlboro in the smokable category as well as the Copenhagen and Skoal chewing tobacco brands. Marlboro holds 43% market share, while its major chewing tobacco brands hold nearly 51%. Those brands continue to support MO s hefty cash flows and its 5.4% dividend. Not to be outdone, chief American rival Reynolds American (NYSE RAI) along with its leading Camel brand yield 5.6%.

For international growth, the English duo of British American Tobacco (NYSE BTI) and Imperial Tobacco Group (OTCBB ITYBY) are still the reigning champs of the emerging markets. BTI currently receives around 60% of its earnings from developing markets. That s helped BTI produce double digit earnings growth during the last four years. It s also helped in the dividend department as well. BTI currently yields a healthy 3%. Similarly, Imperial yields 5.25% on the backs of emerging market sales.

Finally, smaller domestic tobacco manufacturer Lorillard (NYSE LO) maybe an interesting buy. While most investors are familiar with LO s Newport brand the leading menthol cigarette its real long term winner is its Blu electric cigarette brand. Currently Blu controls 49% of the market in eCigs. That gives Lorillard plenty of earnings growth and first mover status in the new product segment. It also helps pad LO s 4.5% dividend yield.

The Bottom Line

While tobacco may be considered a sinful endeavor, cigarette stocks may be just what an income portfolio needs. For investors, the group’s stable cash flows, high dividends and growing emerging market demand are the hallmarks of these long term wealth generators. The previous picks along with Vector Group (NYSE VGR) make ideal selections to play the sector.

Disclosure At the time of writing, the author did not own shares of any company mentioned in this article.