Multiple discussions reveal various ideas why smokers do not want to quit using tobacco. We know that they fear to do it, they are afraid of tortures to be unable to use tobacco. They understand that smoking is a kind of personal self-protection against negative external factors. But one and very significant reason is that smokers do not want to do it because they love cigarettes.

Cigarettes are the entire world of various flavors, tastes, and even colors. Yeah, colors because cigarettes are packed into boxes, each appropriate to a special smoker taste and preferences. This is the reason why, for instance, the Marlboro producers diversify the cigarette packs and pack even each sub-brand into a special box. Marlboro Red, Marlboro Gold, etc. are intended to attract smokers with nice forms of their boxes, containing nice aromatic tobacco pieces.

Lighting a cigarette is the same as diving into the ocean. Alike a swimmer’s skin is freshened with salt water, a smoker’s nose is delighted with an aromatic tobacco flavor. This is a kind of ecstasy. When lighting a cigarette, smokers get a good portion of energy and positive emotions. They feel strong and active.

Moreover, smokers like their appearance with glowing cigarettes. They know they are like famous people who became popular with their tobacco addiction.

This is an imitation, but not in a bad sense. Those who imitate famous people want to be like them and change themselves much better with such approach.

Smokers like enjoying their cigarette tastes. People cannot live without enjoying something, but rare things possess the same diversity as cigarette brands. Cigarettes have a wide range of modifications, each of which is appropriate for certain personal preferences. Cigarettes become a part of man or woman who uses them. Cigarettes awaken the joy of life and stream to reach success.

Who is else able to reach any goal, having a daily charge to overcome any obstacle on the way?

Cigarettes are a taste of glory and a way to success.

Cigarettes mean an ocean of aromas of different brands. A smoker inhales smokes, having the same feeling as a diver, springing into the sea water. He knows what he will have a minute later, a DELIGHT.

Smokers want to have a delight alike all other people do. But unlike the others, they know the source of their pleasure and they can diversify it by using different brands. Does it not mean to be happy if you can give yourselves a delight at any time?

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