1. “White Cloud is the the ‘Rolls Royce’ brand”
  2. “If you can afford it White Cloud is the One to Own.
  3. The brand that has the Longest Lasting Battery & Fastest Recharging Battery on the Planet.

White Cloud is a Rock Star of the Pack

White Cloud stand our stand out favorite and one of the best electric cigarette brands available in stores or online.

White Cloud is the most expensive brand reviewed and like a ‘Rolls Royce’ the one to own if you can.

A tad higher price tag is why this product is not ranked #1. Everything about the product is premium quality and built to last.

White Cloud uses superior battery technology with its Lithium Polymer battery, resulting in three superior advantages.

The first advantage is the extra long draws that this cigarette offers. The battery has the strength to let a user pull an 8 9 second draw.

The battery has the longevity to let the user smoke full cartridge, plus, which is about a couple packs of cigarettes, all on a single charge. You can expect about 300 puffs per charge.

We found that White Cloud’s the fastest to recharge. It takes about an hour. Most other E Cig brands take 2.5 4 hours to charge.

You pay a premium for this bit of luxury. This is a key reason that White Cloud is one of our best electric cigarette 2014 choice.

White Cloud E cigarettes are well suited for smokers that enjoy taking slow and long drags. It doesn’t generate super charged volume, but rather steady, smooth and sustained volume.

Drags as long as 8 to 9 seconds are possible due to its robust battery. White Cloud has a technology called “Smooth Draw Technology”, which allows a large amount of air through a small passage to create a “white cloud” of smoke that has a notable and superior taste and richness.

Nine choices of superb flavors, in (5) different nicotine levels. White Cloud prides itself with offering some of the most rich, smooth and best tasting flavors available. We agree that White Cloud’s flavors are some of the best on any product that we’ve reviewed in our E Cigarette Reviews.

White Cloud Pros & Cons


  1. Most Smooth Draw & Enormous Vapor Production.
  2. Holds Longest Charge (600 puffs per charge Cirrus3X) polymer battery technology
  3. Fastest Recharge Time (1 hour Cirrus 3) polymer battery technology
  4. Great Tasting Flavors and Biggest Variety (15) Flavors
  5. 15% Discount makes White Cloud an unbeatable value


  1. A bit more expensive than most other models. (You’re paying for the polymer battery and overall product quality).
  2. An AC adapter is not included in a couple of the Starter Kits.

Product Details White Cloud

Manufacturer White Cloud Cirrus
Country USA
Type 2 Piece
Cirrus II Starter Kit $49.95 (All Prices are Before 15% Discount)
Cirrus 3 Starer Kit $79.95
Cirrus Variety Starter Kit $109.95
Cirrus 3X Starter Kit $119.95
Cartridge Price (5 pack) $15.95 (they just reduced their prices from $19.95)
Number of Flavors 9 Tobacco, menthol, vanilla, espresso, chocolate, clove, strawberry, kick and snap.
Strengths Offered 6 Double X (only avail. w/tobacco flavor) extra, full, light, ultra light and nicotine free.
Nicotine Solution Liquid No liquid, voids warranty.
FREE Warranty All equipment has a 6 month defect warranty.
There is also a 2 Yr. Assured Warranty for $29.95, which covers defects and accidental damage for 2 years.
The 2 year assured warranty is free with the Cirrus 3X Kit.

FREE Shipping There is free shipping on orders over $50.00.

Cirrus II Starter Kit $50.96 with WCKIT15 discount

Includes (2) Batteries, (1) USB Charger, (5) SmoothDraw Cartridges, 6 Month Warranty.

Cirrus 3 Starter Kit $97.71 with WCKIT15 discount

Includes ((3) Batteries, (1) USB Charger, (1) AC Adapter, (5) SmoothDraw Cartridges, 6 Month Warranty.

Cirrus Variety Starter Kit $114.71 with WCKIT15 discount

Includes ((3) Batteries a Cirrus 2, a C3 and a C3X, (1) USB Chargebolt Charger, (1) AC Adapter, (5) SmoothDraw Cartridges.

Cirrus 3X Starter Kit $157.21 with WCKIT15 discount

Includes ((3) Batteries, (1) USB Chargebolt Charger, (1) AC Adapter, (5) 5 Packs of SmoothDraw Cartridges, 2 year Premium Warranty.

Flavor Cartridges

White Cloud offers (15) flavors, one of the widest selections of any brand. The flavors are rich, smooth, full bodied and tasty. Each cartridge delivers about 400 puffs. They recently dropped their cartridge prices from $19.95 to $15.95 for a 5 pack.

We love White Cloud’s new soft cartridges. They look and feel like real cigarette tips. You can hold them between your teeth and squeeze them for a natural smoking experience. It sure beats biting down on a hard piece of plastic.

White Cloud Flavors include

  • Tobacco
  • Menthol cool with a hint of Eucalyptus.
  • Vanilla
  • Espresso
  • Clove
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry

New Flavors, Now Available, Include

  • Kick Cinnamon with a hint of honey, a favorite!
  • Snap refreshing frosty mint with cacao beans
  • Apache
  • Bora Bora
  • Mint Berry
  • Moscow Mule
  • Diablo
  • Lime Coconut

Vapor Volume

White Cloud E cigs are well suited for smokers that enjoy taking slow and long drags.

The vapor is thick and rich. With White Cloud you can take a medium draw or long lasting drags. (8 9 seconds).

White Cloud calls it “Smooth Draw Technology”, which allows a large amount of air through a small passage to create a “white cloud” of smoke. A puff has a notably thick, rich taste and feel.

The instant recharge feature and robust battery allow for extra long drags of up to 8 9 seconds.


The atomizer is a 2 piece component system. The atomizer is actually part of the filter and is replaced each time you refill a flavor cartridge.

We are a big advocate of 2 piece E Cig systems because they are ultra low maintenance, no leaks or clogs and the most hassle free smoking.


The Cirrus 3 and Cirrus 3X Starter Kits both comes with 3 high capacity lithium polymer batteries. Each battery is designed to last the lifetime of a cartridge and a cartridge equals about 2 packs of tobacco cigarettes.

You can go a whole day on a single charge.
The Cirrus 3X battery will last about 600 puffs per charge and recharges in 120 minutes.
The Cirrus 3 battery will last about 200 puffs per charge and recharges in 60 minutes.
The Cirrus II battery will last about 280 puffs per charge and recharges in 90 minutes.

A White Cloud Cirrus 3 battery will recharge in an hour.
This is the fastest E Cig recharge time of any other brand available today.
Most E Cig brands take about 2.5 to 5 hours to recharge.

White Cloud’s ultra fast battery recharge time makes it a clear technological standout and so convenient for the user.

The Cirrus 3X will last about 600 puffs. This is the longest lasting E Cig battery on the planet today. This is the most advanced, new age technology and why the product is pricey, but a true technological rock star E Cigarette.

The batteries are built to last. They are simply impervious to drops and falls. We have used the same batteries for at least two years and they work like day one.


Both a USB and AC charger are included in the Cirrus 3 and Cirrus Variety Starter Kit. The other Starter Kits provide a USB Charger and the AC Charger is sold separately at $19.95.

The quality and reliability of the equipment is unparalleled and warrantied against any defe

We have used the same chargers for a couple years without any problems. This is reliable equipment that will last tough use.

Special Features

White Cloud uses superior battery technology resulting in a product that recharges faster than any other brand and lasts longer than any other brand on the planet today.

This highly advanced E Cig battery and the instant restart feature allow super long drags, up to 8 9 seconds. The taste and variety of flavors are unparalleled.

Product Quality

White Cloud is considered the Rolls Royce brand and its construction is fittingly solid and tight.

We did not experience leaks, failures or clogs, in our tests, for this product.

This product offers best, most advanced E Cig battery, available anywhere in the world today.

Customer Service

White Smoke’s customer service is well reviewed on the web as being responsive and courteous. We contacted White Smoke’s customer service to order a new battery. We can say that we actually had a good phone experience and received our battery on time.

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E Cigarette News

Bbc news – electronic cigarettes challenge anti-smoking efforts

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A new TV advert for a brand of electronic cigarettes marks the first time in decades cigarettes of any sort have been promoted on US television. Anti smoking campaigners fear the rapid growth of tobacco free cigarettes could undermine years of successful anti smoking efforts.

A handsome actor poses and struts on a beach in a stylishly shot black and white television spot. He puts the cigarette to his lips, takes a puff, and exhales a rich flume.

“Blu lets me enjoy smoking without it affecting the people around me, because it’s vapour not tobacco smoke,” says Stephen Dorff, the scruffy heartthrob star of The Immortals.

“We’re all adults here, it’s time we take our freedom back.”

The launch this autumn of the advert for blu eCigs marks a turning point in the fast growing US market for electronic cigarettes, which use an electronic mechanism to warm a liquid nicotine solution and release mist into the lungs.

Most living Americans had never before seen a cigarette advertised on television they were banned in 1971.

But the electronic cigarettes fall outside that law, since they contain no tobacco. That is just one way they fall into what one anti smoking campaigner calls a regulatory “no man’s land”.