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DiGiCiG is an electronic cigarette company dedicated to providing our customers with a high quality smoking alternative. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products at competitive pricing without compromising on service and after sales service delivery. DiGiCiG has employed only motivated passionate staff who use, and believe, in our products. Through continuous research and training we aim to be the market leader in this product segment. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa

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Digital Cigarettes

Digital cigarettes are increasingly available these days as they are proving extremely popular. Why are Digital cigarettes so widely used? The answer is easy Digital cigarettes are the definitive alternative for smokers that have been trying to find an improved way to get their nicotine fix.Electronic cigarettes provide a realistic cigarette smokingexperience that some people even find more enjoyable compared to regular cigarettes smoking.Digital cigarettes provide you with several benefits which cause them to become an extremely desirable product for tobacco users.

Most Digital cigarettes are built the same way. All of them have a lithium ion battery that powers the atomiser that receives energy from that battery and converts an e liquid into a vapour that you then inhale&#8230 read more about Digital cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes

An electronic cigarette (or e cigarette), electronic vaping device, personal vaporizer (PV), or electronic nicotinedelivery system (ENDS) is a battery powered device which simulates tobacco smoking. It generally uses a heating element that vaporizes a liquid solution. Some solutions contain a mixture of nicotine and flavourings, while others release a flavoured vapor without nicotine. Many are designed to simulate smoking implements, such ascigarettes or cigars, in their use and/or appearance, while others, like DiGiCiGs electronic cigarette are considerably different in appearance&#8230 read more about Electronic cigarette

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DiGiCiG supplies Electronic Cigarette to Cape Town and throughout South Africa. DiGiCiGis an electronic cigarette/ ecigarette company dedicated to providing our electronic cigarette/e cigarette customers in Cape Town and South Africa with a high quality smoking alternative.DiGiCiG is based in 27 Carlton Road, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708, South Africa.

DiGiCiG strive to provide our electronic cigarette/ e cigarette customers in Cape Town and South Africa with the highest quality electronic cigarette/ e cigarette and electronic cigarette accessories at competitive pricing without compromising on service and after sales service delivery&#8230 read more about Electronic cigarette Cape Town

Safety And Health

Electronic cigarettes have far fewer toxic effects than traditional cigarettes, and evidence shows they are safer than real cigarettes, and possibly as safe as other alternative nicotine replacement products. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believe that there is enough evidence to say that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than smoking.

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Cdc director explains what he hates about electronic cigarettes –

Everything about marlboro cigarettes and why get cigarettes online – by mikedaniels – newsvine

Of all the threats to Americans health a list that includes bird flu, measles and West Nile virus few get Dr. Tom Frieden as riled up as electronic cigarettes.

As director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Frieden has a ready made platform for spreading his views about the dangers of vaping. During a visit to the Los Angeles Times on Monday, we asked him why he is so passionate about e cigarettes.

“I ve treated so many adults who are desperate desperate to get off tobacco. They all started as kids,” Frieden said. “I see the industry getting another generation of our kids addicted. To me, as a physician, when 1.78 million of our high school kids have tried an e cigarette and a lot of them are using them regularly that s like watching someone harm hundreds of thousands of children.”

In addition, he said, “people have a misconception that the tobacco epidemic is a thing of the past. Tobacco still kills more Americans than any other cause. It still kills more than 1,000 people a day. As a doctor, I can tell you it kills them in really unpleasant ways gasping for breath with emphysema, with cancer, with heart disease.”

What does that have to do with e cigarettes?

“E cigarettes are a tobacco product,” he said.

Actually, the battery operated devices do not burn tobacco. Instead, as my colleague Monte Morin reported, they “heat nicotine, propylene glycol and glycerin into a vapor, which is inhaled by the user.”

Updated at 5 46 p.m. PDT April 29 The nicotine burned in an e cigarette may be extracted from a tobacco plant, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

Still, Frieden rattled off five reasons why e cigarettes are as dangerous as tobacco cigarettes

“If they get another generation of kids more hooked on nicotine and more likely to smoke cigarettes, that s more harm than good,” he said.

“If they get smokers who would have quit to keep smoking instead of quitting, more harm than good.

“If they get ex smokers who have been off nicotine to go back on nicotine and then back to cigarettes, more harm than good.

“If they get people who want to quit smoking and would have taken medicines to think e cigarettes are going to help, but they don t, more harm than good.

“If they re glamorize smoking, it s more harm than good.”

Just for good measure, Frieden threw in two more problems with e cigarettes People who use them can expose kids, teens and pregnant women to nicotine via secondhand smoke and enterprising smokers can put marijuana or hallucinogens in an e cigarette “tank.”

Frieden acknowledged that “stick to stick, they re almost certainly less toxic than cigarettes” and that many people have quit smoking tobacco cigarettes with the help of e cigarettes. However, he said, “the plural of anecdote is not data.”

“If the e cigarette companies want to market these to help people quit, then do the clinical trials and apply to the FDA,” he said, in a reference to the Food and Drug Administration. “But they don t want to do that. They want to market them widely.”

Just last week, the FDA announced it would begin regulating electronic cigarettes by forbidding sales to minors and requiring manufacturers to include health warnings on the devices. Frieden called those moves “a good first step.”

“The challenge that the FDA has is that they will be challenged by the tobacco industry, as they have been at every step of the way,” he said. The federal agency “tried to regulate e cigarettes earlier, and they lost to the tobacco industry. So the FDA has to balance moving quickly with moving in a way that s going to be able to survive the tobacco industry s highly paid legal challenge.”

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CDC director explains what he hates about electronic cigarettes

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