Henri Wintermans cigarettes are the best-selling cigarettes in Australia. They have been produced for several decades, and the recipe is kept in the strictest confidence. So the buyer is guaranteed to receive unique blends and authentic aromatics, which is why this product is so popular. The pack of modern “slims” hides 5 such Henri Wintermans cigarettes, and each of them is “dressed” in an individual package made of thin film, as bright as the pack itself. Own “clothing” allows cigarillos to always remain fresh and retain the aroma to the fullest.

Henri Wintermans cigarettes of this brand have always been machine-made, that is, they are “assembled” on an automatic line similar to cigarette production. But you should not treat Henri Wintermans cigarettes with disdain, and indeed, there are not so many hand-made cigarillos in the world.

As almost all machine-made Henri Wintermans cigarettes do not require storage in a humidor, which makes them much cheaper and easier to consume. Henri Wintermans cigarettes can be smoked right out of the pack and do not require any other accessories. Despite machine production, the branded Henri Wintermans cigarettes have a completely cigar construction. The cover sheet consists of a natural tobacco leaf, the filling contains cut tobacco, and only thin unbleached paper acts as a binder sheet, similar in density to some grades of paper for self-rolling. Initially, Henri Wintermans cigarettes were formulated with tobaccos from Cuba, Indonesia and Colombia, but now Henri Wintermans cigarettes are made mainly from tobaccos from Indonesia, Brazil and some Caribbean countries.

What are Henri Wintermans cigarettes?

The brand has been leading its history since 1904 and is currently one of the best-selling tobacco brands in the world and a brand of cigarillos included in the TOP-5 in popularity. And the brand began as a family business of the two Wintermans brothers – A. Wintermans & Sons – which, however, very quickly gained popularity in their homeland in the Netherlands. By 1934, the older brother, Henry Wintermans, left the family business to establish his own business and focus on the production of Henri Wintermans cigarettes with sales outside his native country. The venture was successful and Henri Wintermans cigarettes quickly became the most popular cigar in the UK and Australia.