Im not going to be judgmental or anything like that, because I was an underaged smoker myself, so I totally know where you are coming from. When I was around your age or younger, I often found myself needed more cigarettes than I could easily get ahold of on a regular basis. I know its bad, but really one of the easiest things you can do is just find someone, maybe a friends older sibling, who you know whos 18 or whatever your legal age is there, and is willing to buy cigarettes for you on a regular basis, maybe for an extra buck or two per pack. If you’re cool about it, like say with a friends older brother, they can often times be pretty chill about the whole thing and won’t make it a big deal. If they are cool, they will understand and will probably help you out, especially if they are smokers themselves. I mean, when you need a cigarette, you just need one, I know.

Another deal I got into, although after I had already turned 18, was ordering cigarettes online, through like those online websites. Besides an address that you can have the cigs delivered to without interruption, you’d sorta need like a credit or debit card, but you can sometimes get a pre paid card at like walmart or similar stores, then you could use it for ordering online, again, if you had a good place to send it. Ive used this to order several cartons of cigarettes at once, so its a great way to save money by buying in bulk!

One other thing that maybe shouldnt be underestimated is like flirting with one of the register clerk guys working at whatever convenience store or gas station where you woul go to buy the cigarettes. I only technically did that with this one guy when I was like a freshman in HS, and I actually ended up like sorta dating him for a while, and he would of course always sell me the cigarettes without carding me, which was nice. Funny thing was, sometimes hed even like bring extra packs, every now and then, which he said were overstock or something, but I always kinda thought he might be taking them from work without permission, but he said it was cool, so I didnt push the issue, and was just grateful to get the cigs!

One or more of those may or may not work for you, depending on your situation. I know it totally sucks they pulled all those cigarette vending machines like years ago, although I saw an old one at the back of a bar onetime that looked like it still had cigs in it, so you may have to look into getting someone else to help you buy them, unleast so you can get enough cigarettes to make it until you turn 18 or so. Good news is, you’ll turn 18 before you kmow it!

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