More CigarettesThe American Reynolds Tobacco Company, leading its history since 1913, in the late 60-ies of the last century did not do too considered marketing mix.

One of cigarette brands, launched in 1969, did not meet expectations of the group.

On the agenda there arose a question of creating a new product that could find demand among smokers all over the world.

As a result of numerous trials and experiments with tobacco mixtures, it was taken a decision: to produce new American cigarettes thin and long, and give preference to the design of chocolate – brown tones.

That is how in 1975 there was created a totally new cigarettes brand under the name More. The name sounded like an appeal: to get something more and more with every cigarette.

More cigarettes drew attention and boggled the imagination. 120 millimeters in length (previously only cigarettes of Queen Size Standard claimed such a record of 110 mm), reduced by half against the usual seven or eight millimeters of thickness, carefully-chosen of chocolate brown shade – everything in them was new, fresh and attractive.

The tobacco blend was extremely well mixed up in order to create a new aroma and taste. More cigarettes were intended for both men and women, and that was why tobacco was aromatic and strong. The high price and excellent expressive design placed More cigarettes in the category of premium goods.

It is not surprising that the new cigarettes from the US quickly scattered around the world: the rich all over the world like to get to know each other due to the characteristic features of their class …

Today, the right to possess a brand is owned by Japan Tobacco Company, and More cigarettes are produced in many European countries, Asia and America, and Australia.

The majority of consumers prefer to buy More Filter 120’s: these cigarettes are liked due a bright flavor and intensive pleasant aroma.

In the United States people traditionally mainly buy More Menthol 120’s: in the hot America women love to feel cool freshness of mint.

Health-conscious young people try to minimize the harm of smoking and choose namely this brand of cigarettes.

That is why, More Gold 120’s, cigarettes from America, made with special responsibility for the harmony of aromatic bouquet, but also with the utmost care of the customer’s health, are sold intensively.

More Menthol Silver 120’s designed to conquer the most elegant part of the female community gain worldwide popularity.

More cigarettes have a circle of convinced fans of the brand in every country!